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You can contribute to this work in many ways. If you, perhaps, have any digitalized work of any genuine revival or even any writing - however small or short it may be - please send it to us. If you have any of these writings (published here) in any other language, we shall appreciate it if you contact us.

I do not feel very comfortable about money or about receiving money from people. However, my friends and viewers solemnly demanded from me that I allow them to be blessed by God by blessing and that I should never hinder them to be blessed in return - even if it is only for a cup of water that they grant. Therefore, after many years of avoiding the issue of money, I decided to make it possible for people to contribute monetary for my work and sustenance. I know and acknowledge I am a poor missionary in the field that often needed to decide between buying a Bible for someone or a pair of shoes for myself. But, God never ceased to supply for all the needs. So, even if makes me very uncomfortable, you may contribute as you wish. I will not be a stumbling block to you being blessed, I hope.

May God bless you richly, whatever the kind of contribution is laid upon your heart.

Deeply thankful,
José Mateus