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Charles G. Finney
(29/08/1792 - 16/8/1875)

The Oberlin Evangelist ~ 1850

Appearing in the Oberlin Evangelist ordered by date

August 14, 1850

Rev. Mr. Finney.

This gentleman still continues, with undiminished zeal and success, his Sabbath and week-day labors, at the Tabernacle. Notwithstanding the vast amount of family absence at this season, his congregations remain the same, and the numbers that withdrew last Sabbath evening to the British Schools for a specific Address, at the close of the public service, were perhaps larger than ever; there could not have been much fewer than a thousand people. We are not yet in a position to give particulars as to the entire experiment he has been making, but this shall be done at the proper time.


British Banner of July 10, 1850.


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