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Charles G. Finney

(29/08/1792 - 16/8/1875)



1. Marriage a divine institution.

2. The rule, and celibacy the exception with all.

3. Also, the duty and the privilege of the human race.

4. Ministers are no exception. See objections to minister's celibacy.

5. They eminently need wives.

6. They need a wife to protect them against temptation.

7. Also, against being a snare to women.

8. To secure them against suspicion and jealousy.

9. They need the sympathy and the prayers of a wife.

10. They need the knowledge of woman which they get by having a wife.

11. Also, the counsel of a wife.

12. Also, the help of a wife, to understand the wants, trials, and infirmities of women, and their sins.

13. Also, to view things through a wife's eyes, and from a woman's standpoint.

14. To be an example as a husband.

15. Also, as the head of a family.

16. To give one the experience of a husband.

17. It makes him seem more like one of the people.

18. It allies him more closely to society.

19. Creates a bond of family sympathy between him and other families.

20. It gives him a higher conception of God's wisdom and care for human happiness.

21. Makes him better acquainted with human nature, human wants, excellencies, defects.

22. A single man is not a whole man.

23. Not generally a happy or a safe man, as pastor.

24. Apt to be selfish, prejudiced against women.

25. Also incompetent as a teacher of women.

26. As the church is composed mostly of females, celibacy, if prolonged, is a serious drawback.

27. Ministers should honor marriage by example.

28. They should, in every way, discourage celibacy.

29. To decline marriage, is to indirectly encourage licentiousness.

30. Also, to wrong woman, dishonor God.

31. Celibacy justifiable only for peculiar reasons.

32. Priestly or ministerial office no justification of celibacy.


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