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I was called by the Lord to do His work. Under all limitations (I am disabled), I strive to be faithful and do my utmost for His glory. One of the purposes deeply engraved in my heart was (and still is) to have here all precious testimonies and works from genuine revivals and the people involved in them as truthful and faithful vessels. I, also, try to write about what maintains that work and how genuine revivals die or are set on fire.

From the beginning, I became a sober and keen student of genuine revivals. I also decided to be temperate in such a way that I could be influenced and guided by the Lord and truth only.

My solemn goal and view are to abstain from and to avoid any story of any awakening that sounds somewhat doubtful when mirrored to the Scriptures. The revival accounts in this website must be genuine beyond any doubt. The recent movements that use the word “revival” do not make part of our website. We believe they use that word in vain and are void of real power.  

This hard work is meant to be a blessing to you, my dear reader. If you have any remark or some digital work that can or should be added to this website, please feel free to contact us. I also put in my heart that this work should be free for everyone till the day I die – or even beyond that day, depending on who takes over from me.

My prayer is that more such revivals erupt all over the world and that many are called to His genuine work. Due to the lack of tranlations coming to me, I am trying to have it at least in three languages.
In Christ,
José Mateus