"Let no man deceive you… Be not ye therefore partakers with them", Eph 5:6,7

Any sinner whatsoever has a simple reminder within his own created constitution concerning right and wrong – they just know what sin is and what it is not, for conscience either defends them or accuses mercilessly. If these did not know, they would not need to seek and call attention from others concerning their lack of love and peace within. It makes people feel lonely and despised, even when none knows about it but the sinner himself. In all this, we may never excuse the sin of ignorance, seeing we have a God nearby who is fully able to take ignorance away from anyone on earth. We may not, in this case say ignorant people have no sin, for if they hadn’t, they just would not be ignorant at all.

Whenever someone falls into sin, there is an immediate reaction within that will eventually lead unto self-despising which, on the other hand, will bring about a war which has been there for ages by now within man, because man loves himself beyond conscience pleads. But because conscience is ruthless, there will be “no peace for the ungodly” ever.

This is always the kind of discomfort that drives people to seek others to support them to be able to balance their soul up against conscience and inner corruption. This corruption cries out loud and drives people to do certain things they would never do in a normal state. There is always a discouraging uneasiness within any owner of a harmed heart, a bruised conscience. God Himself decreed that, just as He said “let there be light and there was light”, in the same manner he said that “(21) There is no peace, saith my God, to the wicked (20). But the wicked are like the troubled sea, when it cannot rest, whose waters cast up mire and dirt.” Is. 57:20-21 KJV. So, whenever there is a certain lack of peace within, let it serve as a reminder to you that you are bound to some wickedness which makes you wicked as it did to Adam and Eve. instead of trying to be happy and peaceful, trying doing away with sinning for a chnage.

Nevertheless, people usually try a way out, climbing out of conscience’s lodgings some other way but not through the door of repentance and conversion, which turns such into robbers and thieves, certainly. They attain to the bread of peace by unlawful means, mocking at the blood which cleanses them all. These try to suppose they are loved ones, and that’s how they go about conceiving something they are able to call love somehow – they love by being loved, and despise when not. Adam and Eve tried hiding. They also tried covering shameful assets, which many do not even attempt to do anymore at all.

Any lack of peace is a blessing from heaven, for it is a reminder God will judge us soon. It is said “For if our heart condemns us, God is greater than our heart, and knows all things”, 1John 3:20. Many try rather to stay in bed sleeping until they can no longer do that because of being requested to do something else which they also try to use fully up to put some blindfold between them and the loud cries from within. “There is no peace to the wicked” still says the Lord. There are many other ways people use well to quench down the emptiness of the lack of God and peace within. Many try thinking well-pleasing things about themselves, when others try vacation somewhere – there is no end to what man is able to think of to fight down conscience’s cries and pleads. Any lack of peace is a symptom of a sickness called sin, just as a headache may mean there is something else wrong within the head of man besides headache. And they drink pills for that. By doing so to conscience, one becomes hardened and acoustic, for sin becomes more and more the sound one wants to hear coming from every day. Man has but one enemy on earth: himself, which the devil uses fully up to sustain his power.

People become doubtful and pleading, calling to be loved so as to duck away from healing sin’s deep scars within the whole of man. And that’s how it becomes so painful to man to recognize he is wrong, lost and greedy to be lost alone. He used that as an asset to sustain him against conscience’s many pleads. The faith he had in himself is what made it possible to him to carry on living for once. And people will have to loose fully all self-confidence if they want ever to be saved ones. Whatever makes people feel confident against the natural workings of the heart God put within, is a full participation and cooperation from sinning. Whenever people call for love we should advise repentance. Their lack of peace is always a blessing until someone decides to give a shoulder to cry on to such. One may never contribute to discredit the blessing of Godly created conscience to drive people to seek God though uneasiness of heart, because they lack peace within really. As Paul stated “Lay hands suddenly on no man, neither be partaker of other men's sins: keep thyself pure”, 1Tim 5:22.  Hope you do so. Amen.

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José Mateus