“Therefore whoever shall be ashamed of Me and of My Words in this adulterous and sinful generation, the Son of Man shall also be ashamed of him …”, Mar 8:38 

I will not be adding unto Scripture if I state that Jesus will be ashamed of such people as are ashamed of Him, even before He comes: He will be ashamed of them even now, right here in daily and actual life. If you are ashamed of Jesus, you will see to it that your daily life will not work out at all, especially if you happen to profess Him.

It is very simple: to be ashamed of goodness means we are in love with something else.

This generation is perverted, ripened by vipers’ own models and ways, conceptions, desires, fashions and goals. People born in this world of today know nothing else from experience, from learning, from beholding but evil. It does not mean they are born evil, but it surely means the environment they get into, accepts such as will be looking like it soon enough to even will  to resemble it – even if it is not like it at all but resembles it in some way! This is a generation which approves and disapproves upon according to the taste of things, only if it suits a certain pattern. This is a generation which is on the set out to commit adultery and wipe its mouth off as if nothing has really happened. It knows adultery is shameful, yet does not feel ashamed of it because it has managed to fulfill and to satisfy desire and sin. The goal is to have something fulfilled, no matter what the cost of it will be. It steals knowing it will be condemned, even by such as are like it, who are thieves in private themselves: yet, it does not feel ashamed of doing the wrong thing unless they are caught up in it. It is a generation which is ashamed of getting caught and takes pride in not being spotted if evil is accomplished somehow. People in this generation, taking pleasure in the evil they promote, go even as far as excusing theft because they claim they want certain things which they cannot reach to otherwise. They justify evil upon selfish desire. That’s how this generation goes as far as private, hidden doings. It does not acknowledge them, even if doing them. And if it does, it will claim it is not shameful as a sporadic way of justifying self above all.

What is happening in this world of ours? It is creating a pattern and a certain way of doing things hidden behind doors, conceiving ways of being ashamed of whatever we may do only if we get caught. But, it is also creating and conceiving a way of justifying evil when it comes out into open sight, if it cannot stay hidden anymore and to gun down any goodness of God.

Jesus is not saying here we should point out errors to this world, but rather that we should live out without shame whatever is godly enough within us to do so.

I find very often that people who practice and do evil, are either ashamed of acknowledging that they have done it, or at least that it is not evil if they cannot deny they have done it. They learn to hide out and justify when a hide out is not possible any longer. Because people learn to hide as a consequence from evil, they learn to be hidden for life as well. Once people come to the light, they seek after it in an old fashion way of being hidden and captive in darkness. I know of an African animal which digs for its food. One day someone gave it an egg which it did not have to dig out. It started digging around it because this animal just didn’t know how to to go about breaking the shell of that egg to reach unto the hidden food inside! He did things as knew knew how, even though there came no apparent results from it. This is mostly how Christians handle their Bible and their God: oldfashioned, if they have become new at all! If a Christian is doing as the world does, hiding whatever is not an accpetable issue in a perverted society, God will be the judge of such speedly!

This is mainly what Jesus is saying concerning this evil generation who learned and conceived ways to hide and teach its children to do just that as a first impulse – that it is the way to learn from if one is to be considered normal. The main problem is what makes them hide. But once God manages, somehow, any how, to save from it, to make free from the power, the doing of it, the desire towards it, people very often do not realize they do not have to hide anymore either by being pleasing unto people, unto themselves, boss mom or dad. To please people is something which is breeds by hiding. It is a guilty conscience which seeks others to approve of us. If people have nothing to hide about, they must not act according to old ways of doings things at all. What kind of good worker will go out telling people he is a good worker? It shows, why does he have to say something about it at all? If he is, he will not need to tell people about it at all. But, if he isn’t, he will need to tell people he is a good worker for his own conscience’s sake. People lie because they have a conscience deficit, they are hypocritical because they believe they can never be good and act normally having a heart filled with goodness alone. So, if God has changed your whole heart, forget about acting for once as soon as you can.

The approval of others is, therefore, always an issue of great importance in this generation. People sit in front of mirrors to shape up for hours to make a good impression during one single minute of their lives; They think about how they will look at a certain party, what they shall dress, plan it carefully, they go buy expensive clothes (by spending a whole month or even year’s salary on it) to wear on one single occasion. They talk a whole lot to convince someone about an useless issue, because all they are after is the approval by which they are able to feel safe with, to believe they are not lonesome anymore or to make believe they are right even if they are wrong. These still think and believe they need be something to be approved. This is a generation filled and prompted by the appearance of things because it easily believes and grasps lies. Therefore, they have to do all they can to be otherwise.This is the evil generation Jesus is talking about here. It does not really care about the inwards parts of any issue, but is much concerned about the outward appearance of it. The danger is there, then, to do things after the same fashion when one has nothing, no reason to hide out for anymore.

There is double face concerning this whole issue, because if people do evil, they hide (which is bad and because of their doing so, God demands confession of whatever one feels like hiding: either God or sin). If they do well they do not know what to do with it because they learned to hide alone. Because this generation is evil, even though it approves good and is the main critic of any kind of evil, in practice it becomes the oopsite of it; once it has done something it knows not how to handle, (because it either brags or hides about something alone), it always goes back upon the way it knows how to do certain shameful things: if one brags, one is able to think evil is fully justified; if one hides one is not a liar on appearance. It does not know how to do things any other way, it does not know to be quite and at ease with something good in it anymore. People have learned ways because of evil which they will have to lay down if they want God to be pleased with them at all.

Because of it, Jesus talks here about this kind of saliva the snake leaves behind to confound its former preys. The Snake had them in its mouth, ready to swallow them up. But there comes God and liberates them just in time. For that reason they start doing and behaving towards God as if He is as the Snake had been towards them all along. People very often go hide spotlessness after the way and fashion they were used to by being evil, when having been a captive of all kinds of sin: they just don’t know how to live in freedom from sin and evil anymore! “But to what shall I compare to this generation? It is like little children sitting in the markets and calling to their playmates saying, ‘We played the flute to you, and you did not dance! We mourned to you, but you did not wail!’”, Mat 11:16,17. This is a generation that still looks for a sign of freedom when they are already set free. That's why they hide - it is because they learned to doubt easily.

The ways this generation learned to generate and conceive easiness and lightness of heart being dark and heavy within, is to go either after the approval of others, (especially of such as are truthful in themselves), t joke and fool around, or to go and be mainly justified in its own eyes - but especially to feel so. But one in this generation does not possibly conceive that lightness is an inward one and not an imagined, self-conceived one. “This is the rest; cause the weary to rest; and this is the refreshment. Yet they were not willing to hear”, Is.28:12. The main door to easiness of heart is aknowledgment and realization of evil inside and this world breeds vipers who learn to hide out and hibernaate in holy places rather. We have to aknowledge that all this world does is to hide all.

One also and easily comes across people who are never ashamed to think on the neighbour’s wife, his car or his money, yet it feels ashamed and repels the whole idea to go and give of his money and time to someone in need secretly. It will do so only if it will cause to reap the approval of others. I find very often that people have not been ashamed to sleep with their neighbour’s wife or girlfriend even if that is evil, yet they are taken by a sudden fit of unwillingness if they have to go back upon it to confess it as wrongdoing to such as they have done those deeds with! They are not ashamed of stealing money (for they believe they had need of it), yet are taken by a sudden rage of shame to go and do right thing by giving that amount of money back to its owner (if they still have it), or at least go there and confess upon wrongdoing (if they don’t have it any longer) - they are ashamed of doing the right thing for a change, whatever the cost of it might be. People would sleep with sin never thinking about the consequences of it beforehand, yet, once they are advised and demanded to go back upon sin to expose it fully, they start taking in and to account for all the consequences of doing so! This is what Jesus is talking about here, for people do not act the same when doing a good thing for a change, as they would do when they were vipers doing wrong. And we know how Jesus demands now more than an eye for an eye and more than a tooth for a tooth. This kind of justice we have to look after, along with the kingdom of God, is less then being holy. Yet, it is the gate to all kinds of holiness, for it is here where we lay down the weapons of the flesh by learning from the start to do the right thing the right way with the right attitute towards it. Jesus will never accept the right thing from us done in a worldly fashion. He refused to save and have the whole world by worshipping Satan. We cannot believe to be pleasing unto God by serving Mammon, Venus, Mary, Shame or Popularity somehow.

“Then Jesus answered and said, O faithless and perverse generation, how long shall I be with you? How long shall I suffer you?” Mat 17:17.

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José Mateus