Dr. John Sung



Forty years on, and John Sung converts are found faithfully serving the Lord in every nook and corner of South East Asia. Those who had received the new birth through his ministry long for a return of those blessed times when the Word was fed to multitudes of hungering souls, three times a day, two hours each time; when congregational praying was a torrent of fervent vocal supplication; when oftentimes tears of repentance were freely outpoured; when the hardest of hardened sinners surrendered to the Lord; when crowds surged forward after each meeting for counseling and instruction; when praises and new-found joy were the blessed experience of thousands.

In many ways, John Sung's ministry was unique. Just one man, Spirit-filled and burning out for the Lord, and it pleased God to mightily use him. Immersed in Prayer and the Word, John Sung was evangelist, song leader, soloist, and counselor, all in one --- a far cry from today's crusades which call for a vast organizational set-up of committees, chairmen, secretaries, directors, managers, not to mention the army of counselors, massed choirs, and guest soloists. More manpower, less Spirit power!

John Sung was a genius of the pulpit. His messages were fresh and vibrant with excitement, buoyant with humour, penetrating with power, and lively with song. A unique feature was the use of one theme chorus sung over and over at appropriate points in the message. Catchy tunes and scriptural words were afterwards carried away to be heard on the streets and in many a home. Glorious spiritual afterglow!

The first volume of twenty sermons has been widely received. This second volume is sent forth with a prayer that many more souls be touched. May the reader catch a glimpse of the blessed ministry of a great servant of God whose work continues to bear fruit today.


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