“There is a way which seems right to a man, but the end of it is the ways of death”, Prov.14:12;16:25

There are many ways one is able to follow, most of them allowing to carry a Bible along. But, what determines the validity and the worth of any way, is not the supposing, nor the belief one wishes to add, adorn with or link unto it along with all the best wishes one may have towards how it will end, but the genuine accomplishment of it. And there is a way to know how it will end eventually, for the way of God is like living in heaven before dying – living at all levels: in the kind of peace and patience we experience, in that burning our hearts cannot look away from and in the happiness we know not where it comes from since we may have lost all the world says causes happiness.

If and when our way is right, there is no mistake about it, for it breeds fruit as it goes. If I follow God as I must, walk with Him as closely as He promised (even closer than the closest friend), then I am taught and made to walk as He does alone. And that kind of walk stands out, for none can help but see it.  This way does not seem right, for it is right.

Humans walk when things seem right to them alone. They have and breed conceptions of how they must marry, how they must work and why they must be the ones who have to decide about their future – it must make sense to them according to their senses, feelings and views. If things seem to be as they breed it and even amuse upon it, it is able to grant them the confidence they need to take a next step ahead of them; if it is not appealing to their senses, they will not dare to take it at all. We should take care, because it is the word of a Living God which says there is a way which seems right to man, which feels right even. It does not say there is a way which will look and appear to be wrong to the eyes of man at all – it will seem right, feel right to follow.

If I am following God, I am able to sing without music; I am able to follow whatever I do not see being surer were I walking on firm ground. Following God will turn me thankful when my enemy has received from God, make me happy when my friend has not received because God knows better what and when to distribute – as long as it is God who is averting the blessing to my friend and not sin, it will make me happy and as long as my enemy receives due to a heart change, because he shouldn’t otherwise (I mean, one to receive or give to God and be accepted, one must be as God is from inside or such will not receive it if it is God who gives).

Following God and not sin leads us to have paradise in our souls and we do not have to breed it ourselves, nor imagine or believe to have it if we do not have it; following God makes us stand when we thought we would fall down, and fall when we believed we would stand by ourselves; following God leads us to eat from a hidden treasure and none will seem to understand or grasp why our faces are glooming when they are as they are, for the world will strongly hold and believe we have no reason to have joy, since our food is real and hidden from the eyes of any man who has no eyes to see it. These ways never seem to be right being hidden. They will seem right to an experienced man or woman of God, to a child who knows Jesus as He is, to an angel who is sensitive to the motive and the moving of the Holy Spirit in that area. I fear ways which seem to be right from a human perspective or even from a perspective of a redeemed soul, for the word of God says “But the natural man does not receive the things of the Spirit of God, for they are foolishness to him; neither can he know them, because they are spiritually discerned”, 1Cor.2:14. What if things seem right to sober, foolish, carnal men?

It is wrong, therefore, to take advice from such as are not in right standing with God because we may be in doubt ourselves. To man, it is not natural to sing without music, to be happy for an enemy’s sake, to rejoice because a friend has been rejected a certain wish in the will of God, to stand sure in and among unseen things (however real we are experiencing them). Humans will easily believe they breathe invisible air, but they will never accept you see the invisible God, and experience Him as well – if you do see Him that way indeed; they will believe you see, if you don’t - if it were a lie there they will believe you see, because they have a lying heart. The world and carnal Christians do not easily believe truthful things as being truthful, or lies to be lies. They all wish according the heart they breed in themselves, according to what they are wishing themselves if they seem to love you and the opposite if they hate you; they will believe a lie is a truth and a truth is a lie easily whenever their heart is not sound.

It is the Christian world which always teaches what seems right to them while the world looks on to see that whatever they preach is not real nor being blessed by living God. If and when people dance in church, it will seem right to them alone, for they are in a trance; if they prophecy and God has not sent them, they will only do so when it seems right in their own eyes. Does it mean there are no prophecies since they do it the wrong way? No, it tells us there is a right way which will seem wrong to such if you practice it as God would want it to be done among them. Will you still walk from now on when things seem right to you? May God grant that you become like Balaam's mule instead! Since when do we need to pretend if God is real? To pretend is to ascertain things are never real – that’s why we pretend, for they are not real! We pretend when things seem to be right, when the things we desire after are believed to come from a living God, even though God will rejoice in granting gifts to man, even though they carnally could still wish those to be granted.

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José Mateus