If you wish to hear the voice of God:

  1. Turn down your focus and love towards the world, for we hear only such as we are able to love. Just mark how a loved one hears her lover and with what readiness she pleases him. That’s the way you should hear God.

  2. Become sheep instead of trying to sift out the Voice, since it is only sheep who are able to hear in their frequency of voice. Sheep hear Jn.10:4,5, not goats nor such who try to be smart and clever by guessing through gained knowledge, so they may get into the sheepfold but not through the door! Hear what God has said about Moses: "If there is a prophet among you, I Jehovah will make Myself known to him in a vision, and will speak to him in a dream. Not so, My servant Moses. He is faithful in all My house. I will speak with him mouth to mouth and he shall behold the likeness of Jehovah",Num.12:6-8.

  3. Never push God to talk as you wish He would, but rather become able to hear according to truth. If God ever talks according to what you wish to hear, or in a way that is a delight to you, be sure that you have been changed, at least concerning the matter He is talking about if not in others. It is just as great a challenge to live for God with and through blessing and abundance as it would be to be able to live for the Lord without any earthly asset. In fact, who does the one, does the other also. If God talks and you do not like the sound of it, you need to be changed besides having to be obedient to everything you have heard from Him. Do not be merely satisfied you have heard from Him and try to read in between the lines of your inner reactions also. After that, go to the heart doctor to be fully changed and accept no mild or light change unless it is all you need. There are people who need only to wash their feet, Jn.13:10.

  4. Instead of quieting the world around you, quiet your heart, Ps.131. The world will never be quiet, but the heart must be for God to be a revelation unto it, before or after it is quiet enough to receive Him alone.

  5. Love God instead of trying to force Him into talking to you. God talks out of Himself as easily as He is quiet.

  6. God is real and never a mystery or a supposition. Always remember this when you seek a word from Him. He will respond as He is and not as you suppose Him to be. God is real and to expect to hear from a mystical God demands a different kind of approach from the heart, that heart being disposed to lie and consequently to be in a state to accept a lie alone. Lies are convenient stuff for people who wish to live on their own or their own way among people.

  7. Noise is never the language God hears, nor the one He uses to make Himself known as He is, 1Kings 19:12.

  8. Any clean heart, which has no single sin either to confess by name or to put down as sin and that for good, will always see God, will listen to Him alone, Mat.5:8. (Many people put down things but not as sin and without being sure of it being sinful or not). No stranger will ever make sheep obey him, even if he catches their attention momentarily or unless sheep become strangers to God again themselves. Whoever has been turned from something into sheep, may just as well become something else again. The sustenance and maintenance of sheep-beings is to stick to the words of God to the end of it the right way, as if it is done in heaven.

  9. God’s voice is not a miracle – it is something normal. But, to be able to hear it is only dependant upon what you are. Sheep hear Him and search for the resources to be able to do accordingly after hearing. They engage themselves into God’s will and there is always something lacking about it all which we need to find out about so we may be kept busy thinking on it right through. To lack on instructions may be grace too and causes us to be kept busy in Him so we may need to search further. But there is always the possibility that you know not because you are not right with God or are not right with Him through Him.

  10. God speaks so you may obey Him and not so you may be happy and bewildered about it.

  11. God speaks so you may either live or turn alive through what He has spoken and not so you may become proud about any part of it. 

  12. Never manifest yourself if God has talked to you or if your intention and first thought is not to obey Him to the end first. Try to figure out if He has spoken for your sake or for the sake of others or both, even before you make your mind about exposing yourself to anyone. Never add unto any of His words either, Prov.30:6, since it is a common temptation to any such who want to share to shine or to be self-assured or man-assured about something because they so easily doubt when God speaks. The pressure to be assured by man is also present when you want to do your own thing, or wish to do it your own way, especially because you do not easily acknowledge your heart resents whatever God has said or resents the way He has used to bring it forth.

  13. God usually says things people do not wish to hear about – maybe even you do not wish to hear it or became unkind towards the way He shared it with you. Maybe you wished Him to share it with you in front of people, or to say something which would be pleasant to that part of the flesh which you still regard as spiritual. Therefore, try to be truthful about the whole of it and allow your heart’s reaction to be exposed concerning it all and let God see the full range of the reaction His voice caused on you too.  Hide nothing behind leaves like Eve did, because the consequences will be just as disastrous. Before you can hear God’s voice with and through gladness, you need to become heavenly and heavenly minded, even when God speaks about earthly things and matters. He always speaks in a heavenly way, minding His Son in you and His growth inside you. But, take care not to believe we need always to get into God’s kingdom by force because you do not believe God can fully change one’s mind and heart. If you have ever been changed towards heaven concerning any matter, earthly or not, heaven is not received or taken by force anymore but willingly and through a voluntary gladness and joy. Heavenly people do earthly things the way things are done in heaven, enquiring God about them without stumbling over the flesh which used it before and was made glad by it, since God rescued earthly and heavenly things from the dominion and power of the doings of that flesh. Try not to call unclean whatever God has sanctified.

  14. You must expect enmity from the world when God speaks to you – or from your heart and mind if it is still worldly or worldly-minded, even when God does not speak against any of it directly. It’s reactions just rise out towards the light as a consequence because God speaks, like a bear that has been startled off its sleep even when not called by his name. Read your heart’s reactions as well as people’s, so you may know what is still hidden when He speaks and it is forced to come out to the light due to His Presence. Do not hinder it to be exposed because it is by exposure to Light sins are swept away from existence; if you hinder it Jesus will say again, "They hated Me without a cause", John 15:25, since you dare not come to Him so you sin might be washed out from all your senses. You remain an enemy towards God then even if it  is not that obvious, remaining with that kind of enmity stored up and hidden inside, perhaps hidden even from yourself. Eve did hide her secret parts only because she was able to see them, we knowing that nothing can be hidden from God. Her attempt was merely to hide it from herself because she became aware of it. It is by Light sins are done away with. Just be natural and with a mind determined to do the opposite she had done and to prefer to expose yourself fully to that kind of Light always, rather than to try to call upon the un-existence of sin or to blame Adam (or his wife) for any of all your sins. None will condemn you, and eventually no stone will be thrown at you if it is done the right way to the end, even when you are the prostitute or the proselyte everyone seems to condemn. If, however, any stone has been thrown unconsciously or hastily by someone, it will be taken back sooner than you are able to believe because you are doing the right thing the right way and by God. Don't fear to do it nor to do it that way.

  15. Expect wolfs to come near and to approach you if you are made sheep and smell like one, for your smell attracts them anyway, anyhow. Carry on doing whatever God has charged you to do instead of becoming anguished about a wolf at the door of truth, or how to get him converted, or fearing the idea of him being around to disrupt, absorb or deviate your thoughts or to undermine your attention and stillness in doing whatever God has left you to do and to be able to fulfil it to the end by being faithful whatever the circumstances might have turned to be.

  16. If, however, the wolf is not able to scare you anymore because you have realized just how safe you are, allow not your mind to amuse itself with thoughts around him. All he wishes to do (when he is not able to charge against you anymore), is to take your mind off whatever shows that you love God with the whole of it. Let it be absorbed by God alone and always – it won’t be consumed that way, but renewed day by day and held.

  17. Do not be impressed by anything, through nothing else besides God being quiet towards you and any of your prayers. But your prayers should have a voice in them too – allow them not to be just prayers, ever. Become able to state with truthfulness, “Surely God has heard; He has attended to the voice of my prayer”, Ps.66:19.

  18. Allow not your heart and mind to obey God through force when you can do it sweetly and almost unconsciously – neither allow your heart to obey God your way, since the way to carry out is what is at stake in the whole of the New Testament. Jesus taught us to pray to do things on earth as they are done in heaven above doing the things of heaven. Recall to your mind, too, the softness of meekness and allow your heart to believe it can endure to the end without force. There is no such obedience or endurance as the one which is meek since it is not heavy to tire out and will, therefore, get to the end of its journey safely. Do not fear to give up because you have given up before because of being violent towards heaven or against hell, which tired you out very easily. The wisdom of God is meek and quiet enough to be bold and achieving even without being noticed. We need it to be that way, since wolfs are on the lookout for signs of life all the time. Be constant (eternal) enough to be wise. But, beware: because spiritual virgins are quiet and unhindered, they easily fall asleep even though that’s no reason to call the wolf in.

  19. When God is able to speak to you (because He might not find you as sheep yet), you need to get all of the details of going all the way through whatever He has been able to share with you and with that which He might not have shared with you yet. Also try to remember the prophet who was eaten by the lion when you enquire of God again about anything whatsoever, 1Kings 13:1-32; 20:36.

  20. God is not made of stone, He hears easily enough. If it seems God does not hear you promptly and with gladness, take care not to give up on any of it, and especially not then, until you have found out why He's not listening to your voice, or to find out why your prayer has not been having no voice in it. Take care how you hear too, whether you are able to hear when someone yells at you alone or whether you hear being spoken to softly. “Be careful how you hear, therefore”, Luk.8:18, 1Sam.9:15. Turn down the full volume of everything else if God is ever to be heard in you. The worst, loudest noise is always the inner one.

These are only some of the circumstances and some of the conditions about hearing God. Take care to figure out more of them. Take the greatest care to practise these too, and to experience truth through Life and never through laws. By living in these, you will find out whether these are truthful statements or not. Amen.

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José Mateus