“Bring all the tithes into the storehouse, so that there may be food in My house”, Mal.3:10. 

I always had some problems talking about this issue and finally decided by God I need to expose my heart concerning it, even if few people take time to read.

There is a law which works on such as tend or are tempted to be lawless and outlaws. In fact, tithes and offerings belong to the law, however a good law it maybe. The law is there because people do not want to give. Nothing in the Law is wrong, but we should never forget that the Law was there because the heart lacked from whatever it should always be. God would never need to tell people “Be holy” unless people’s hearts were unholy. I mean that, to someone whose heart is perfect and clean, to such as move as they are in God and that freely (whatever temptations they suffer along the way), to such people you would not hear God insist on them to be holy – for they are holy from the heart, from their own essence and these just can’t be otherwise. 

Because people want God to work for them, a slave-god, they are brought into a law of giving some of what God gives them. If people were wholly God’s they would never need to be told to bring offerings and tithes to the house of God. That would be the same as telling them to bring less than they were already bringing in, somehow. No church which truly lives for God needs to have special services for offerings – ever. They won’t even have the need to ask for money in church at all.

Because people are greedy and because they think and believe as far and around themselves all the time, because whatever they regard as a blessing are such things as what they want or such as they receive, there needs to be a law of giving to sustain the house of such who dedicate their lives to bring and dig out the gospel from their own treasures and hearts and experience. One doing that has little time to spend on something else elsewhere. Because the house of God needs to be sustained, because it needs to go on to the end, there is a law of giving which has little to say to such who give their all to God. People who give tithes are not perfect people – not even close to it.

Usually, such who really give all to God, seldom give to the wrong people either. They would rather keep it at the disposal of God. Let it be said as well. Amen. 

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José Mateus