“Therefore do not be like them… Your will be done, on earth as it is in Heaven”, Mat 6:8,10.

There is more to the will of God then just to do it. We should not be like the heathen in the attempt to carry it out at all. There is a will, and there is a way to carry it out we should easily get acquainted with. The heathen care very little about that will – the Christians state they care, but according to Scripture, we may come to doubt that they care since most of them care not how it is done. By not knowing the way, there is no will done at all.

But let’s take these people that care to know, care to stand and to walk upon God’s plan and let them also take care to do it through God alone. If you are doing God’s will, or at least aim at it, I am talking to you now. Revival Christians ought to be perfected, for I believe the world is as it is because they are at ease and made their mind to be at ease with having miracles around and to have some people coming crying over their sins – something which is not to be despised. Yet, their perfection – and not concerning sinning alone – is the main reason why the world is still to be converted. Jesus disregarded the Pharisees and I am disregarding church believers after the same pattern. My aim is the solid, heart-searching, biblical believer whose aim is to be able to do God’s will unconditionally and whatever is beyond that. These people are not close to the fulfilment of God’s commandment and that’s why I am directing some efforts to be heard by them, somehow. Let me state some things before you disagree on me.

God’s will (and not heaven, merely) is like a certain country where few people are allowed in. They have to gain, to receive from the hand of the Lord PERSONALLY a certain passport which will allow them into that will, surely. Because the church as we know it today is so far away from God, people rejoice at the fact that they have found this passport to enter - even if they never enter. Because of that, we also find people discussing upon the validity of all passports we may find: some say it is baptism, others say it is tongues and signs; others state it is confession of all sins. All of these are biblical truths, even tough some are more expediting than others and some bring us closer to God than others. Now, there are these people that have a false passport, copied ant forged according to a pattern people may even have taken from Scripture, for many Christians are found showing off the Passport at the entrance of the narrow door so these may go in later, after enjoying more of the world and when it is too late to go in. We also find here and there passports which may have not been forged and falsified at all, but heading to the outside once they got one, for they believe that passport is all there is to it to guarantee a safe entrance into heaven eventually; for that reason they go to enjoy sinning since heaven is their aim and not the will of God.

Because people with false passports fear for their lives, they eagerly hold on to theirs, little caring if they are forged or not. In fact, they fight to believe it is truthful. But, if something is genuine, I am seldom found discussing the validity of it, about its truthfulness, but rather what to do with it once I have it with me and it was the Lord who handed it over to me. It is good to discuss about it if it is false. But the next step upon revealed truth, as Paul stated  to Timothy and others is to “refuse profane and old-womanish tales, and exercise yourself to godliness”, 1Tim.4:7, and again “O Timothy, guard the Deposit, avoiding profane and vain babblings, and oppositions of falsely-named science”, 1Tim.6:20, and once more, “But shun profane, vain babblings, for they will increase to more ungodliness”, 2Tim.2:16. Paul was taking so much pain to have Timothy do the right things – and to do them the right way, for to do them is not half of the promised gospel (as we will see). And why would he do that? Because we may even be found discussing Christ and cause divisions later on! It is disgusting to mark just how the followers – the so-called followers – of men of God behave themselves. I found people from Spurgeon (nowadays) stating Finney is a wolf, and even publishing such like things so as to find followers of bitterness; also people from Finney stating likewise things towards others as well. We do not find these people fighting Benny Hinn or such-like deceived people – which is in itself a loss of precious time already – but fighting one blessed man over another. We know Spurgeon upheld and praised God for the genuineness of the Revivals of Finney in the States, for we read something he wrote upon the subject himself. His so-called children are not doing that. His so-called followers comment upon doctrinal issues and because they love themselves extremely, they got hold of the fame of a man, link themselves to it and bring another man of God down so they themselves can “increase to more ungodliness”, just the thing Paul feared could come to happen to Timothy. Not that Timothy was wrong, but that his followers would greatly damage God’s cause on earth if he, being right, was found at the discussion of “vain babblings”! We don’t even find Paul discussing idolatry and fake prophecies, even if mentioned about it so now and then. If Paul discussed them as ultimate truths, all his followers would be against the Jerusalem believers and what Paul wanted to put forth was not that the Church in Jerusalem was wrong, but rather that he did not consult flesh and blood to hear from Jesus Himself even if the Church was right and in right standing with and through God. In that he said “be my followers”. People today do not preach without consulting Spurgeon, Finney or Murray – they act as if Jesus is dead and unable to teach them as well, as He taught these men of God.

If we come to put at the same level as Timothy preachers like Spurgeon and D.L. Moody many people will feel offended. Yet, I believe they had even less than Timothy had. We find Revival preachers who have been blessed by God discussing matters like baptism, and election, and many others issues which are not the godliness Paul talks about here at all.

To talk and discuss God’s will is a vain bubbling, for to exercise oneself upon the gold godliness which is the main door to it, is what is at stake here. To find a way to carry God's will out the easy way, through Christ in peace of mind and fully assured, is the will of God for us - mainly. None will ever get into this will of God (upon the earth still) unless Jesus has given such His passport out of His own hand – no third parties involved there at all. So, if you believe in Spurgeon, Finney, Murray, or fight one of these – which is the same – you are on your way to hell and perceive it not, for your heart is evil or close to becoming evil! You are relying upon the wisdom you gained and because your heart is not like the ones these men of God had in them, you either praise them or put them down! To praise them shows your heart is filled with the wrong things and tithes to them – how much evil is there in putting them down then! If we pray with repetitions, we are like heathens. But, what if we discuss things as heathens would do even if they are the right things? To pray is to do the right thing. The danger is to have disciples of God becoming like heathens and Jesus warned them saying, “therefore, do not be like them”. If Jesus warned about that, than it is because the danger is real, for all His words are selected, truthful, caring ones. Because they are so, they are few. Are yours?

How then, is one to stop being like heathens in our genuine attempts to aim at God’s will? We know Jesus said “Not everyone who says to Me, Lord! Lord! shall enter the kingdom of Heaven, but he who does the will of My Father in Heaven”, Mat 7:21. To do God’s will is more than to exercise our mind upon the knowledge of it, or to attempt to do it – even if few people attain to mere knowledge of it all.

Friend, Revival brother, allow me to call your full attention upon the Lord’s prayer. Give it a close, independent look, and try to surmount the common usage of it. It does not say there “your will be done”. Have o closer look, for it talks about the way it is to be done here: as it is done in heaven. So, to do God’s will – which is more than to know about it all in itself already – is not the prayer you should be offering at all once you have entered the fires of revival. Before revival, you should pray for revival; but after revival, there are things which should take place and take full hold of your whole heart continually which are to where revival is leading you to – and it is not heaven as some suppose. Heaven for a Christian is God’s will, on earth, on Mars, in heaven, in fact in the heart anywhere in a natural disposition of heart God alone grants us to have. If you go to any place in the universe, the thing you take along with you is your own heart – not the heart of your favourite preacher. There it is where God and His will should settle down to rest and stay – to abide there peacefully, always and at all times. In fact, in heaven things are done after a certain pattern, after a certain way, along with certain motives carried and blessed with a certain growing power which should and can be available to the pure in heart. The fruit is the sign of blessing, of approval and the fruitfulness is what we should be looking for. We know fruit grows without the effort of any tree and it grows by the health of that same tree. So, if you ask for money and your church is financially prosperous, I am afraid it may never be regarded as fruit or fruitfulness at all by anyone, much less by God!  

There is something in this prayer of Jesus, a certain hidden treasure we may not overlook. It says there “Thy will be done AS IT IS DONE IN HEAVEN”.  The prayer is not that God’s will be done at all, for it is not the aim of these words. The aim of these words reach far beyond the doing of it, for it is lacking if it is to be carried out through efforts which are not Godly. Jesus stated people may come to gather without Him. The aim of Jesus is upon the quality of that doing, the kind of it, the way to do it and implement it within the heart. It says “Thy will be done just as it is done in heaven”. Deuteronomy talks about “the days of heaven upon the earth”, and Paul talks about "the Life that now is". It almost seems Jesus is saying God's will is secondary and the way to carry it out is the primary goal to be prayed for far above the will. So, you see, the place where you are, the one you might be going to, the hell you might be missing is not the aim of the gospel at all – the aim is the kind of heart available for man, how it is to be runned and reigned and with what power. It is possible to gain a passport from the hand of Jesus Himself and never enter the land for which you gained full permission to access because you lack on the way to do it – we may discuss the veracity of it with those whose passports are fake, so as to have people see, feel and even compare. We may not enter heaven, and to enter into it is but less than the full aim of the gospel, for to gain the personal heart which moves by itself through the easy and available powers of heaven, having heaven inside the natural way, as natural as being accepting the means to be able to abide there and feel at home with them all is what Jesus is after – not the will, for now, but the way it is to be done. Jesus stated “ENTER the narrow door” and struggle into the narrow way afterwards. He talks mainly about the way, even if He is the way as well.

I know that the best place to learn about a language, a culture, is to live among its naturals. I speak English – even though I am not English – because I have lived in an English speaking country. We will learn the ways to do God’s will within God’s will. We cannot learn about it, outside of it. But to be in it, does never mean we are pleasing unto God at all, just as to speak a certain language is not the reason why we should be living in a country we are adopting as our own. We learn the language for a purpose. And to live in the will of God in heaven is easy if you have a heavenly heart. This heavenly heart is the language. But to have a heavenly heart on earth, where sin assaults your mind with its ways of doing things, is a prodigious miracle. Yet, it is here where God wants us to do things as we might be doing in heaven even though earth marches the other way, leads, constrains and provokes contrary to God’s ways – it is here on earth, in case we had a heavenly heart, where we should be turned to be with power to do so, “so that you may be blameless and harmless, the sons of God, without rebuke, in the midst of a crooked and perverse nation. Among these you shine as lights in the world, holding forth the Word of Life”, Phi 2:15,16.

Angels are not amazed about God’s power, for they live with it as if they knew nothing else – they use no other power for they never learned to have it any other way, and if we present to them another one it will be strange to them and the heart they have does not yield unto it for they know it not that way. It is like the sheep and the voice of a shepherd, working after the same pattern for them, complementing each other. Only sheep know that kind of voice, and that voice only speaks towards sheep. It is useless to go and preach to angels against or about filthy rags of an own justice – they wouldn’t know what you are talking about. That would be vain bubbling there. These angels do not attempt to do God’s will, for they are in it naturally, out of their own – they do not even discuss about it. So, if you are found discussing in church still whether it is by your power or by God’s power that you live, you might not be discussing the wrong things at all, but, you might be living on your own even by saying you are found doing it by God. And if you are discussing them and have a need of these discussions, run hard, and very fast, for you are still far away from the pleasant resting places of green pastures of doing things on earth as they are done in heaven. In these words of Jesus we may have that the only goal of the Father for now, is related to the ways of doings things, for you may pray, preach, sing and praise as heathens themselves would do. Once revival has come – if it has come – beware not to do things as heathens would have them done and carried out – their way is according to “the course of this world”. Revival is not close to the full will of God – the way to carry it out is what one should reach unto. The power to move a heart, needs a certain heart which yields easily and unconsciously to it fully, and is in need of that kind of power, which is acquainted with its ways. It is like a gasoline engine: it cannot run on diesel. One needs the heart of heaven, so one can become acquainted with the way it is done in heaven. "This is the will of God, even your sanctification", 1Th 4:3. “Lord, Thy will be done in my heart as it is lived in heaven. Amen”.

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José Mateus