“There is a sin to death, I do not say that he shall pray for it”. 1 John 5:16

There are many who talk about this. Everywhere I go, I overhear people questioning, enquiring, wondering, asserting concerning this irrevocable sin. Some fear to commit it, others, on the other hand, state they cannot come to commit it at all. Everyone, however, relates this sin to words against the Holy Spirit of God. Here I disagree, for I believe there is more to it than mere words, unless these words are somehow linked to a promotion of lies where God is Emanuel. There must be something that works against God in a sort of counterwork, for this sin to come into existance. If words promote that, surely they are the sin of sins then.

First of all, for this sin to be committed, God has to be present through His Spirit. If the Holy Spirit is not present, working, how can it be a sin against Him then? This sin is committed where God is at work. This sin is “against” the Holy Spirit of God.

Secondly, it has got to be and to do a similar counterfeit work which works out the opposite God intends to reach Himself while God works. God’s Spirit has the means, the power, the wisdom, the hands, to make people as doing just as they are willing. The sin against Him has got the same effectiveness in counterworking in a man’s heart the opposite doing and deciding as well. In other words, God works to will and to do through His Spirit – a sin against His Spirit must be doing the same, only in an opposite adventure towards death while God is doing it. It is a sin “AGAINST” Him, counterworking whatever He came to do and bring to fullness.

All I mean through this, is that God has to be Emanuel for this sin to be committed and there has to be a counterwork for it to exist and fully take place and breed its fruit. If God is creating, as He did when “the Spirit of God moved on the face of the waters”, there has to be a serpent somewhere doing and making people ignorantly willing to be sin, whether they mention God’s name or not. God sets Himself from behind us, working, for He is a God that manages to hide Himself so as to never impress into error. The devil will surely try to “make God manifest” when He is not to do so at all for the sake of people, or to hide Him away when He is to be manifest unto them. In the same manner, the sin against His Spirit is “unto death”, for it is working towards death itself, creating ways to install sin within so as to make people carry on with it, whether they believe and go to church or not. God fabricates holiness from within, making people willing and doing “on as it is done in heaven” too. The sin against Him must have the same purpose, but only in an opposite goal and direction. God promotes to install a holy machine from within – the sin against Him does install a machine too, but where it is programmed to wish and to do the opposite of all holiness within.

It means only that God is working and doing all to install holiness from within, and the sin against the Holy Spirit is to be working out the opposite, uninstalling holiness and hardening people rather. It can be done through truthful preaching, through lies, through distractions, through praise or cursing – anything that is able to be against the effectiveness of a working God at a certain moment. A sin against the Holy Spirit is always a life, a life which promptly works against God’s ways to carry out His things alone. It may happen in the beginning or at the end, or even in the middle of a recreation of any heart unto God. The Holy Spirit works “unto God”; this sin “unto death” alone, for it promotes ways and means, reasons and mechanisms to install sinning rather than holiness from within – even if people talk about holiness, it never means they are holy in fact. People may sin against God in ignorance too, for if they see and mark God at work, yet their own ideas runs and come to rule them so as to be a counterfeit of God’s Holy work in God’s presence, right under God’s nose, being a lousy smoke unto It. Just “as Jannes and Jambres withstood Moses, so these also resist the truth, men of corrupt mind, reprobate concerning the faith. (9)  But they shall proceed no further. For their foolishness shall be plain to all, as theirs also became”.2Tim 3:8 -9 MKJV. Moses worked out a miracle to promote obedience; these would do the same miracles to work out hardness of heart instead – they managed to harden Pharaoh. The Spirit of God is always a HOLY one, it works what it is, as He is too. The sin against Him must be working and making possible the opposite of whatever He is, really, creating in them ways to be unholy. It must be breeding sin from out of hardness, unto death and against the workings Holy Spirit of God .

Lastly, this sin has to become a fully installed one at last – it has got to be a life in itself, consuming whatever truth comes along and installing sin in the face of Light. “And sin, when it is fully formed, brings forth death. Do not err, my beloved brothers”, Jam 1: 15,16.

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José Mateus