• You pray, “Lord save my father from death, from sickness” and you have someone dying spiritually at your doorstep.

  • You say “Lord, convince me if I am wrong” when you are strong headed about something or you seek God’s opinion about something you have made you mind up about already.

  • You ask “Lord, give me wisdom and allow me to teach everyone else” and you never teach yourself.

  • You plead for inner righteousness, yet do not train yourself into triumph and through God’s little touches and guidances.

  • You pray for righteousness because you want to be something instead of nothing.

  • You pray to God to be nothing when God wants you to be something and you fear to take that step of responsibility for Him.

  • You ask God to convert people and you do not convert yourself from irritability, anger, impatience, lust or any other sin whatsoever. Salvation parts from those who are already saved from such things.

  • When you pray for power and wisdom and end, “Lord do it for our sakes”, little knowing how God is to be glorified if you are successful in any event. Or, if you end with words “In Jesus’ name”, yet have yours in mind in such a way that you do not even think you are being a hypocrite.

  • You are not honest in dealing eternally with any kind of sin when you pray about them.

  • You pray and your sorrow, or joy, or laughter, or tears are not honest ones coming from a unique heart such as yours.

  • You pray for someone who has stolen from you or even lied to you, forgiving such even, yet never went to make restitution of whatever you may have stolen yourself years ago or go tell the truth about a lie you told in the past. You are a hypocrite.

  • You pray for something in you to be forgiven because you are afraid of what people will think and believe of you, caring in a less proportion how God feels about the whole matter.

  • You pray against your own anger, yet are not willing to bow down and ask to be forgiven by such you have lost your temper against, or, if you go to them, you mention how you hurt them in such a way that people get the impression they are being asked to think good things about you and that it is not the Lord's honour which needs to be restored before them, the honour you have wronged and harmed.

  • You pray “Lord, forgive our sins, for they are many” and don’t mention the sins you should be forgiven of. You won't come out of your closet as a forgiven person.

  • You ask for others to be inwardly resurrected while you are stone dead yourself.

  • You pray for a mighty storm which will shake the world while you are dry within.

  • You pray so you might be like Elijah or like Jesus and forget they did not receive any kind of honour from men, had nowhere to lay down their heads in a world Jesus created Himself. Will you disdain the thought of death if it is God's will for you? Jesus, the One you ask to be like, did not look away from death because it was the Father’s will for Him. All prayers within God’s will need you to be doing God’s will beforehand as well so God can see and assume all your prayers are serious businesses.

  • You pray for the gladness of confession, yet deny confessing some things which hurt you when you think about them.

  • You pray for revival and are not prepared to preach the Gospel the way Jesus did.

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José Mateus