“Blessed are the clean in heart! For they shall see God”, Mat.5:8 

There are lots of opinions about what it is to see God. I do not wish to enter into any such discussion for many reasons. I would rather try to shed the best Light on the conditions to have it so happen. In fact, once conditions are fulfilled, there will be but one opinion, for all will see what it is for themselves. “And, fulfilling … they were all with one accord in one place”, Act 2:1.

Nevertheless, to see God is to see Him right now as well, “The Life that NOW is” as Paul wrote to Timothy. It is true that God is everywhere, on earth as in Heaven. So, how can people think, how can these be so foolish as to believe they will ever see God after death when they do not see Him here and now? Will God change? The conditions to see Him need be fulfilled here as there, for He is Eternal Life, John 17:3. By finding Him, we have eternal Life. Eternal life starts right here, it is Him. Eternal means no end to it, but no ups and downs in it as well, constant and a uniquely genuine and truthful Person. These are the Living waters Christ grants, it is Himself, mighty rivers which never cease to flow from deep within us all. Whoever wants may come and share in it.

Nonetheless, it is true we read “My reward is with Me”, Is.40:10. This may never mean, however, we are to be set after the reward and find in it the main reason to look out for God at all. It means the opposite as I see it, for God pulled back the reward to be safe and sound with Him, so as to cause us to find Him. We read in Jer.29:13 “You shall seek Me and you shall find ME when you shall seek me with all your heart”. There is no way one is to think and believe one will find whatever God adds unto us – if we are able to seek after Him that way, we shall be able to find Him; and if it is difficult enough to have our hearts undivided in seeking after something (just like people in the world have all of their senses and mind gripped in a film of some kind), try to imagine just how difficult it will be to seek after Him to find HIM (and nothing else) after that same pattern and way. It is only sad enough to bear that the most precious Being in the Universe is sought after with second intentions from all of us.

We could spend hours talking relating cleansing to confession of all known sins, since we read that “the clean in heart shall see God”. This is not to be despised at all, for all sins must be cleansed by name, one by one. If one washes dishes one by one, why should we not dump our iniquities one by one in the Blood of the Lamb as well? Yet, after that has been fully done and we have settled down Who will take the blame for our individual sins, there is the root of self-righteousness to be dealt with still, the selfish motivation fro deep within for it is what bred and still breeds sin as a Queen Bee which lays all eggs to breed bees which resemble her. This body of sin is what God is after, mainly. This body of sin you will find in a prostitute and terrorist as much as you will find it in a minister who carries a Bible under his arm. I believe there are more ministers going to hell than prostitutes.

Man’s heart is a strange place. It wants dust to settle down so it can live its sin in peace and in quietness – nothing more. Happiness, paradise, peace within can not be the motive behind finding God as he is. Jesus says one who looses his own life, will find it. There are such who state one can keep one’s own life by believing. One may not attempt to preserve an own life or lifestyle that way. Christ came to grant a new one, whatever people may have been. There is no difference between a life of a man who never cursed and of a thief who polluted himself regularly: it is all the same. An own life is what Christ came to deal with, however it acts on earth. An own life breeds style and politeness as well as it breeds the most awful sins. One is to seek to be fully crucified with Christ, dying the same type and kind of death He died: death to the world and to sin. Jesus did not die as we see death: he died for sin. “For in that He died, He died to sin… Likewise count yourselves also to be truly dead to sin, for he who died has been justified (made just and made free) from sin, or if we have been joined together in the likeness of His death (dead to sin), we shall also be in the likeness of His resurrection; knowing this, that our old man is crucified with Him in order that the body of sin might be destroyed, that from now on we should not serve sin”, Rom 6:5-10.

I asked a lady, a believer for many years: “Why you want God in your life?” She said: “I want to go to heaven, that’s why”. I responded: “Oh! It would be good if you wanted to go to heaven because of God and not want God because of heaven”. We see Queen Sheba going to Israel to see Salomon and here is one Someone greater than Salomon. We do not see her going to Salomon to see Israel. Here we find one of the main reasons why God does not manifest Himself to people anymore. We read, therefore, “To whom is the arm of the LORD revealed?” Is.53:1. People go after peace for the soul, comfort, healing and blessing and not after the Lord. It is only right that it is without peace that we shall not see God, Heb.12:14. “Peter, do you love Me”, Jesus asked him three times. Believer: do you love Him? For him to cause you to love Him alone, He might come to you empty-handed so as to prevent wrong motives from you towards Him; He might appear to you from nowhere “as a tender plant in a dry desert, without form nor comeliness (even if He has one of His own), no beauty that we should desire Him, despised and rejected by men (it meaning we shall not find people in His surroundings to be friends of ours perhaps, we will get no friends from his list)”. “He has shown you, oh man, what is good; and what does the Lord require of thee?” “And you shall love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your might”, Deut.6:5. Amen.

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José Mateus