"For this is the will of God, your sanctification", 1Th.4:3

There are chosen people for many things. But there are those who enter the work of chosen ones to activate and deliver the chosen works of God. Above all, there a Holy Will to carry out fully – there is no greater work to do upon the whole earth. Yet, we have got to learn to do, to be obedient from the very roots of our whole being. To learn to be enabled to do God’s will, is what Jesus taught us to pray for: to do His will as it is done in heaven, not so much that it should be done but how it is to be done and carried out in man. We have to learn how to do it the way we should, first, to learn to be the will itself, to learn to have, to learn to follow within the greatness of something as huge as the whole enterprise of creation itself, it is, to save from sin, from wrath eventually and from own ways which seemingly are holy and cute.

We have to be prepared beforehand to do it all in proper terms of holiness forever, a work that will stay, will be there to glorify. We read therefore “Put them in mind to be ready to every good work”, Tit 3:1. "And also if anyone competes, he is not crowned unless he competes lawfully", 2Tim 2:5. There is such a thing as the temporary will of God, such as a job, a house, a wife, only to learn to obey through and by them. Therefore, when it is suddenly taken away from us, we are so surprised as well as unaware and unprepared because we have never been told about the learning to obey as the above all thing we need to do through those things we got from God.

We all do things to learn obedience alone, things we may never cling to, seeing they will soon be taken away from us so we may be fully free to do the main work, the golden work we easily forget about while entangled in worldly businesses. "No one who wars tangles with the affairs of this life, that he may please him who chose him to be a soldier", 2Tim 2:4. Soldiers train in camps as if they were in the battle field - and we know just how seriously they take their training! Some of them take it even more seriously than the battle itself. But, if a house, a car, a marriage is the training for the obedience we will need to have in the battle field, we should not use it as if it is the main purpose of our life ever, for it is not. We obey in those things to learn to observe, fulfilling what the Lord Jesus commanded, "teaching them to observe...", Mat.28:20.

Therefore, there is the danger to become confused when we have clung to whatever God is always planning to use to teach obedience alone. Without this preparation, there will be no work, without this work, there will be no will of God carried out fully, just as there will be no bridge without an architect or engineer and no man fully able to architect anything at all unless there is a course of things, a learning place and timetable, a time spent in learning . Does any architect ever think his time at university was useless? Why then should Christians think their time in the desert is useless? Do they really believe God is preparing them for better works, if He is? Did Moses ever think he was doing something useful when unlearning to speak in the desert so God could be the one using his mouth for him and for God? He thought he would do things by might, therefore when God called upon him to do the work he had been fully prepared for, he almost refused because he could not speak, forgetting he should become one to be used by Whom made the mouth only from then on. That’s why he took so long, as long as forty years, to learn fully: to learn to be used, to do as it is done in heaven – and to unlearn what it means that it is not by might, nor by power things are done. But, it is hard for mankind to find himself without his own things. It blurs his own confidence since man only believes himself, even if he is a liar. After traininng, it is as if we do things according to a new nature, according to what we are and desire, fulfilling the prophecy that all the desires of our heart will be granted, since our we desire now accordingly, according to a pattern fully holy. Besides, if that desire is enhanced, perpetrated by Him within fully, then things get to a point of obvious self denial within them. This work that has been done within, makes us leave things used to make us wise and useful in our own minds and souls, so we may have the heart and the time to do the real works of Fire instead, of holy Fire.

So, we should not compare things, but we should rather acknowledge we have asked God to do His will many times. There will be no waste of time if we are ever in an obedient state of heart now, as a nature given and worked by God, giving rain not when earth thinks it needs it for its own crops, but when God wills it to yield and fructify according to heavenly motives and patterns. If we are obedient beings from inside ourselves, our things and times are not in vain and they will be turned into a blessing, however eventually. But we will be vain beings if we cling to the things and people God put in our way to effectuate and to be able to perpetrate His nature in us. Once we are as God wills, we will do as He wills as well, for only His sheep are fully able to hear from Him because they are made sheep. So, we must concentrate on being sheep and not on listening, just as hypocrites do, for they always want to enter into the sheepfold, but not by the door, but rather climbing up some other way, which thing makes such to be common thieves and useless robbers in the sight of God. We are to learn to be sheep, and not to be as sheep.

Have you learned to be obedient by nature? Can God tell you now, "You shall do as I say" perhaps? If so, you might be prepared for His real work, just as Moses was. There is only one slight difference from Moses: he had to pull people out from Egypt who were there on a bunch, put together in common slavery – we are to gather people from all over the world, from all sides where the winds of wrath has scattered them. Their slavery was common – so it is the same today, for everyone is bound to pornography and futility from famous people. But people are scattered today as they were not at the time. Amen.

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José Mateus