“Therefore let us come boldly to the throne of grace, that we may obtain mercy and find grace to help in time of need”, Heb 4:16 

Even Jesus grew in grace, in favor before God.

There is a general idea that people come to God and move heaven if they want. I may agree there are cases where might have happen, occasionally and for a short time, but never do we find any man of God that did not wrestle with God – some for years – to be made humble to the point of doing such great things as opening the red sea and live the next day as if nothing unusual had happened.

There is a day of need, of which God alone knows about and those who believe Him if He comes stating there will be seven years where cows will be slim and driven by gluttony, eating all they get, yet never getting fat and presentable. There you will need the hand of God to do something great and a great man to carry it out for God, possibly be turned into a great, humble man beforehand. There are revivals because people care and ask for them; there are those which God sees fit to grant because all hearts point out to heaven. But all these revivals are possible now, because we have had “seven years of fatness” of abundant grace where Jesus stored power and grace for eternity: at Calvary. These revivals are become possible because the Kingdom of God has come, by name Emanuel.

Jesus was humbled to death and his disciples were so humbled by it themselves that none of them disputed a place at His right or left side ever again. The greatest quest for humility, the greatest harvest of it, we may get when we are taken by loved ones’ sufferings, where we can do nothing but look up to God and down to suffering. Charles Finney was greatly humbled at the time his wife died and he became a more mature Christian from then on than he ever was. And we may take people like David among many others – some of whom are still alive and well today – who became solid and humbled down, even if they were humbled people already and thought to have no need of it.

The word of God states we must find grace now for a time of need is surely coming. During that time God will need people to do His things and His enterprises with great power to save the world, and they will have to be walking and doing day by day as God alone knows how to do. Moses spent forty years in a desert and thought he was forgotten by God, after many years of believing in Egypt he would be able to save his own people, going down to their camp trying to figure out how he would do that and being willing to take the reproach of it upon him. Yet, it took him many a disappointment and hardship to bring such a proud man as he had been to be the meekest the earth had known then.

But there are few resources for all people to be brought down by means of providence such as these. There is a great providence, however, a great resource at the feet of Jesus, coming to know Him as He is for a long time – or as short as God intends and thinks best – and that is, to find grace while it is still day. There is nothing that humbles people down, and turn them into useful vessels, as grace found in seasons of darkness – if we endure to the end. There is a preparation for a great work which has to take place first and above all, which will bring people to a normal living with God among many wonders and conversions that will never be seen as unusual things at all – even if such a person has never seen it at all. It takes an unbeliever to jump and dance as a crazy man if God is at work. Real praise is quiet and solid, truthful and thankful, joyful but seldom amazed because it knows God as He is. It takes a joyful soul to be quiet and smiling before God, rejoicing over the goodness of the hand of God instead of over the miracle part of it.

I will not talk about the preparation and its time since it varies and differs from person to person. Yet, I may talk about the outcome, the why of God doing so. In normal daily living we eat our food, drink our water, talk and share things and think these are the normal things of life and in fact we never become too amazed concerning all of these. We go to work tomorrow after having worked today, even if great things had happened. Soon we forget about it all and file up all the information as a remembrance alone. These are the things we believe to be normal. Go to God now, and try to figure out what He would see and accept as normal things today. Then, if you are able to, try putting yourself into it as a shareholder of that grace and figure out sincerely just how you would act and react to it all being done. You see, great things are normal to God and He needs a man who will live them as He would, and act among great works as man would in his normal, daily life, if he were perfect in living them out.

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José Mateus