“…according … to the gospel of God...” 1Tim.1:11 

There is good news for such as feel the world to be a kind of bondage and never feel at home there. There are gospels today which disdain upon the fact that “all the world lies in evil” 1John 5:19. Among these kinds of gospels the one “according to the gospel of God” is never welcomed among them anymore, not because some words are different, even if some praise songs are sung, but rather because the natural works breeding from them, differ to the point of death from the Gospel according to God.

On account of Jesus having said there would be many people  coming to claim to be Him and in Him, we suppose that everyone of them would bring his kind of gospel along with him as well, because a deceived person needs to convince himself through a crowd. I do not believe, though, these would go into the world before they go to the temples of the right Christ first, for their main source for doubting comes from there.

There is only one way people should go about to distinguish between the millions of falsities we may come across today, and the only one which is really able to save from the grip of the wicked one. This way is but the kind of life which God manages and affords to give to bless it with, somehow.

God does not please men, nor angels, but He is as He is always. Any false gospel has always its false pretenses, either trying to buy God off into something by believing, praying as sacrificing, preaching as wanting to prove a point alone, or whatever may come into a mind at certain stages of foolishness among men. Faith which does not save from the power of the world is false.

We read that “Who is he who overcomes the world, but he who believes that Jesus is the Son of God?” 1John 5:5. From this, we may come to point out that faith in Jesus, even in the right one, is a fruit yes, but never an asset in itself, for it is there to take one from a kind of world and to put in another sphere of another kind of power and virtues altogether. Believing in Jesus saves from the world – there is no other reason to believe in Jesus for if it is not stay in Him and to keep oneself from being polluted by sin that resides in this world.

Faith is there to overcome the world as a first step, and from there, to establish one in another. Because people are bound in the realm of the wicked one; even such as approve good and hate their own ways, seldom manage to have some success in getting loosened from the cords of evil, from what binds them. At least they do not feel at home there – this is where “the Gospel according to God” is good news for them. It might never be for such as believe sin is not bondage to them (sharing in it) because Christ came. Now, there comes Jesus and loosens them from these terrible cords, placing their feet in pleasant places as soon as their heart is also taken from their former ways. It is then important to God that one does never look back – it displeases God greatly, somehow.

People are used to start loving certain things by the use of it. We find that many love to be at home even when they claim they hate it there. So, even though people disapprove on evil because on account of the conscience they have been born with, yet, their own world is all there is to them. Besides, the evil one just knows how to please their senses there. Now, to come to people and state that the good news is to “run for your life and do not look back”, is something they will always answer to “please, not so fast!”

One has to feel his own world as the bondage which it is in fact, so as to have some desires to get rid of it by the power of God. Is your gospel one which makes you free from yourself, from your world? Or is it one which approves some evil things, takes his seat among wicked ones (I am not saying wicked ones will not come to sit with you in your holy seat to become converted at all, but that you go out to them instead). Let’s have in mind that the good news is that, faith in Jesus is there to free all of us from sin, and never to feel safe and saved while still in whatever God considers to be bondage (because God considers things as they are). Let’s bear that “he who believes that Jesus is the Son of God, is he who overcomes the world” 1John 5:5. This is the Gospel according to God – just as we find a Gospel according to John and another according to Luke, here we read that all of them have to be according to the one which is from God alone. Let there be no gospel according to you then. Amen.

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José Mateus