Once the Lord comes upon us and tells us to do something, we are on the verge of being gathering with Him. If we do not because we are found and bound to something, anything at all, we will be scattering for we will never be able to recover that issue back unto us again. If we are found in discouragement or in the businesses of the world, within joy or sadness, fear to do or even overjoyed to do without perception, the Lord might just come at that precise time and we will never cast our nets on the other side of any boat. We may be sad or happy, but keeping always the door open unto casting any net towards any side of our lives. If we do not do that specific thing at that moment, we will surely scatter too. This word means just that: that we may never gather alone, not preach alone, not pray alone. But it means also that we may never let go upon a unique opportunity to gather with the Lord once He has spoken out something, for that opportunity will never be repeated again. To let the Lord gather alone, is to scatter too. If and whenever the Lord so speaks the word, if we gather not at that moment, we do scatter, for it will not be recoverable.

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José Mateus