We should be examples to revival believers
“But, be an example of the believers”, 1Tim 4:12.

Everything in the Bible points out to the fact that it is the believer who needs to be saved, who may be saved after having believed. Even Paul said “Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and you shall be saved, and your household”, Act 16:31 pointing to a salvation still to come. He said Timothy should hold on to doctrine because “for doing this you shall both save yourself and those who hear you”, 1Tim.4:16.  The jailer would also have those saved who would hear him at home, just as Timothy would have others hearing him, after saving himself from all lusts and cares. But, the main point is, Jesus came to “save His people from their sins”; in the Old Testament we read “Tell My People” quite often, and the verse in John 3:16  many often quote to the world and others, states towards believers that “whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life”. It is a shame that people, after believing, get to loose their soul because their faith is not of the kind that loosens then from the power of sin. Now, in this verse we will use as an introduction to our massage, Paul says “But be an example to believers”, 1Tim 4:12.

If we follow nowadays doctrines of so-called salvation, one will be an example to all besides believers. In accordance with the doctrines that are spreading from every pulpit in the whole world today, believers are the ones who need not be saved at all, need no example put before them, not anymore at least - or so they preach. But we find it a calamity to behold when people, once coming to believe in Jesus and having now the only door fully open to the eternity God stills keeps the keys of in His own hand, turn to be more lost from then on if bound in these doctrines, than the whole world put together.

We may not forget that the Lord, besides warning that the door is narrow for sure and that few find it even if they try at it by force, He also stated that there is still a narrow way to take after that narrow door has been entered and has been spotted. Then, we come to understand why Paul says that one should be an example to believers.

One may always expect a believer to be an example worth beholding, a nature in itself and, in few cases, very difficult to surpass in example. And it is often true. People usually look up to believers to find examples towards living. Imagine yourself to be living among those we read about in Act 2:47, who went out in ruthless Jerusalem, where they could be killed for doing so, “praising God and having favor with all the people”, upsetting pharisees even more now that they were followers. There, you might think these people were the ones set apart to be examples to all around! But no, Paul says YOU must become an example to these people, for they are the ones who are to be shepherded to heaven still and also to more green pastures. It means you have to be holier than thinkable! Can you be an example to such people as have been converted at Pentecost?

It is said that a believer is anyone who states Jesus came to save him or her. The Bible states that believers are such people as have been converted during Pentecost and on, after the same manner.

One of the charges in the Day all deeds will be judged by God, will be that we read and took the Bible lightly, being conformed to the world around while reading and assuming it. We may not afford to come to the point of being judged by whatever we may have read, but rather that it becomes a precious tool to “an entrance to be ministered to you abundantly into the everlasting kingdom of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ”, 2Pet.1:11. The Word of God may take us to the Kingdom of a Most Holy God to cause us to enter into it with high scores, with the swift wings of an eagle, with a treasure under the arm, which is more than having your skin being saved alone - which even too few manage to do. This is the word that is powerful enough to save from the world and its power of sin, if it carries of the power of holiness within it, if your faith is of the kind that overcomes the world. If You dedicate your whole self to a living word towards whatever heaven is alone, you will even take praise from Jesus, and He will say “for they are worthy”, as we reading in the Book of Revelation. If we are to be ministered abundantly, then we may become and be turned into examples, living examples towards all believers. Never expect believers to be examples to you – you do the will of God towards them. But first, you will have to surpass them in all holiness and care, in word and in patience - to such as lived in Jeruslaem even. May it be possible for you to be a living example to them as well. Paul became an example to them and he was not even one of the twelve – why shouldn’t you be able to as well?

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José Mateus