One day there was a huge gathering of demons summoned by their master, the devil. They were discussing some issues and these are some of the outlines of Satan’s final discourse to them. He did not speak for long for they thought they could not afford to stay away from their work for too long.

“Dear demons and friends, here is what you should do where we reign:

  • Fill people’s minds and hearts and time with our things. Let them watch movies and be busy all the time. It pays to stress them. Do not hinder them from being too busy with their families, and too busy with politics, and too busy discussing actors and actresses’ affairs. Let them desire after greed also, and let their minds consume them all the time with any kind of vanity. Fill their homes and time with all such like things which will hinder them to pray to the Enemy and if you cannot hinder them to pray, at least they will despise God by not being able to pray at the right times and with right motives – as long as they pray having something else in their horizon or mind.

  • Mingle all into Christianity. Let them have voodoo and Christianity, drink and Christianity, possession and Christianity, or anything you may encounter in this vast world which belongs to us now with Christianity. At least, it will appease their minds and make them believe they are Christians still. It will make them take longer to find truth and in the meantime thousands of them get to die before they know about it. I promise to make hell a better place for them, because I am too powerful to let fire burn forever. At least you, my demons, are not in the hell they are in now. I kept you thus far, so, one day I will get them out of there as well.

  • Make sure to get hold of important people at all levels: in church, in politics, in fact, everywhere, for we have been teaching many for centuries now to follow idols. It helps to have important people to be as we are, even if they don’t know about it. But, if they know, let them conceal it, for the One who calls Himself Omnipotent has made my name to sound bad and stink in the world. So, it is better not to mention my name where we are settled. It would be better to mention God where we plunder and kill. Let His name be hated and sound bad there. It is better for us though, that we be regarded as non-existent because of what people relate to the name Satan. I would rather be seen as fantasy than as bad, even if we are delighted in being as bad as we can against these vile fleshly creatures whose world we cannot share. They are the ones who have sex and enjoy discos with the entertainment we created, even if they never thank us for it. We cannot mingle their world and lusts anymore, and that’s why we are frustrated sometimes. Let frustration be your strength and let them kill themselves with those things we should be enjoying with them. After all, this world belongs to us.

  • Let people mistake truths for lies and lies for truth. If they can believe that a lie is truthful in experience and a truth is a lie and they cannot experience it, then it will reward your hard work greatly.

  • If people come to read the Bible or listen to the truth, and if you cannot avoid them doing it, make them doubt it. Oh, my dear servants, make sure to do all you can to make them doubt and question it, for if you do, they don’t have to stop going to church and it will spare on us a great deal of work. Soon there will be a lot of souls for us even in church. Can you see what we have achieved already? There is none equal to Moses anymore (whose body I couldn’t get so as to make Israel idolatrize it, for I wanted that body to be buried in the ark in the temple), nor is there anyone like ugly Peter and John and that traitor Paul anymore. But, make sure your eyes look around for there might come some of them to destroy our joy again, for they will plunder us from such as belong to us already.

  • If people have a Bible at home, don’t let them have peace and quietness to read it, for they if they look at it one never knows what their Creator will do in them. But, if they do not have a Bible at home, let them have peace and easy going, for it will create an example of how my (our) happy people are without Christianity and Bibles to bother them. Let all think the Bible is binding and not freeing as they are told it is.

  • Don’t let them have time to discuss their problems if they are in the wrong directions (I am sure you know what I mean). If they, however, plan to stay faithful to their hearts and to our ways, let them discuss whatever bothers them, for we need a lot of sound people as well. Let Christians be crazy and look problematic, but let it never be said of atheists and such people that they are not sober-minded and clear in believing and thinking. If you find someone who does not believe in God make sure to bless his ways, and tell your working demon-brothers to stay away from hindering them in any way whatsoever. I know there is great pleasure in breaking up homes, but, let’s use our resources where they are most needed, like in Christian’s homes and countries.

  • Have people abort their children so Christians may be busy discussing abortion instead of salvation from sin and renewal of heart. Create polls, voting on wrong things which are dear to our hearts, even when those polls are voted against us and against what we have been working for so hard. There is one thing you should never bless and uphold: never allow anyone to talk about the possibility of becoming new for real – you never know what the Man in heaven might do for them if they start thinking in that direction. Keep them thinking they are righteous by discussing against wrong issues and live another life in private even if they do not abort babies themselves, so everybody will despise their Christianity and walk the other way. If Christians care about other's unborn babies and become careless about their own children at home, we may have achieved a lot already. After all, if they talk about abortion and alcoholism and drugs and don’t know how to get acquainted with whom they think will set them free and forgive them, if they annoy the Man in the throne which should be mine by now already, their mind will be driven to others and other issues, but never to their own sins. Let them even think there is no forgiveness for such crimes – the more you press upon their minds how wrong these deeds are and how unforgiving those sins (virtues) are, the better for us all.

  • Make sure to flood their work place with things that tire them out so they wish to go to bed whenever they get home. Or make them desperate to turn to more vain thoughts, sex movies, gymnastic, eating, cares and things they must still buy so they may never think of God in good manners, unless it is to curse him because their life is harsh on them all generally. They must blame God for their distress and tiredness and not themselves nor their mind. If they start blaming God, give them time and peace enough to curse and feel relieved when they have done it – if they start feeling bad about it so as to avoid it being done, stress them again and again. Avoid them thinking they have to make time for God somehow or that it is their fault that they are far away from the One who expelled us from our heaven and from our homes there, (for heaven should be ours as well).

  • Do not make all worldliness to look bad, nor let there be the wrong kind of love (right kind for us though) be absent. Let them cry tears when someone commits adultery, or looses someone else’s wife for another. Let adultery be discrete, let violence look good and let people feel proud when they are able to kill and plunder. If you cannot avoid people to be divided whenever they are like us, at least make them cry after people who are wrong or wrongly motivated – it will surely upset their God against them.

  • The best way is to make people hypocrites, for they confuse virtues with greed and greed with virtue very easily. Never hinder hypocrites to be there though, for they are the ones who will help us making people avoid going to the right churches.

  • Do not let the wrong churches go without money and funds; let them all  think and believe they are great apostles as long as money and fame and sex is their hidden goal.

When you cannot keep them from truth or being truthful in their hearts:

  • Let them think and believe they cannot attain to God’s will if they chase after it and upset them by anything that creates hopelessness in any of them, for they will kindle it in one another as well, for all of them have to deal with wrong things. Let them feel sin is unpardonable, if it isn’t, or let them think it is impossible to get rid of it if they believe they can be forgiven in any way. Make sure to put always a next stumbling block ahead of them AND IN THEIR MINDS whenever they already believe something. Make sure to be ahead of them always. It is difficult to hinder whatever they believe already, so let them doubt the next step rather than to hinder them in whatever issues they have made their minds about.

  • And, if they start believing the wrong things, help them convince themselves all the more for they are as stubborn as can be and it will attract a lot of such like people unto them as well to discuss their issues, either for and against. Let them always have people who oppose them especially if these also believe in another wrong thing. There is no fire without wood, so, if they burn it is because there is opposition to their views. It will keep them busy and bound till they die and they will not use their time to think about what we hate to hear. But, never allow opposition be a living one and without words, for it is killing. Let the living ones scream and yell at one another as if they do not have a point and need convincing.

  • Do all to impersonate God and to look like Him. Give commands and remarks similar to God’s and let people find out it is not from God so they may be confused and at loss. But I tell you, let them find in themselves they are wrong so they will loose heart and be confused and their own faith will go down. This is easy if they are truthful towards themselves. If truth flows like in times of the apostles, the only way to confuse them is to look like them. I have done that a lot of times with success already.

  • Confuse them, also, with discussions about sex and dating, so they may think about it all the time when they are reading their Bibles and avoiding it. Link dating to Christianity and love to mating. It works.

  • Let them discuss everything around the Bible, like who is saved and who is not, so they may never look into their own hearts and stop finding faults in others. If they start looking into themselves the right way, they will make people do as they do for where there is example there is danger. Let the example be rather to look away from their own sins.

  • If they start confessing all their sins one by one and become honest for real and not just in words, you cannot avoid that sort of weaponry to kindle like a fire; when you cannot avoid it any longer, rather confuse their confessions with accusations and condemnations and convict them wrongly or in the wrong directions if you can. It helps to know a lot about their own lives, fears and feelings. At least it will hinder some to confess all sins and it will avoid confessing from those who are looking on from the outside and have not decided yet in their minds at all. Some will even think and preach confession of sins is wrong or unnecessary because they feel bad with it and worse because we help them accuse themselves. Accuse and accuse and accuse again, but make sure you do it at proper timings.

  • There is great reward in being like Christ if you are as I am.

  • If they prophesy, preach, do their Rabbi’s work in any other way, make sure you do more than that. I mean, for every good prophecy there is, you have to put ten of yours. It will work, for they will more easily listen to yours than to those who are from the Enemy. And it will upset such as are not ours in church and they will move away quickly. They are weak ones and don’t hold on for long if everyone else is wrong. They fear to be right alone.

  • Imitate and confuse where there is sound doctrine, a heart which is not appealing unto us, a church which is living as those ugly disciples Peter and John lived a long time ago.

  • Create similar things to all baptisms and let people get busy discussing them; never let them come to experience what they discuss and believe, especially if is the kind of floods we do not like to see here. Baptize them with your spirit if they talk about baptism of the Spirit, but only as long as they either experience the wrong one. Harden their hearts through wrong experiences, so that they cannot hear any longer.

  • Let people believe in themselves especially if they have words which do not match with ours and if those words are living. Whatever makes people believe in anyone besides the Dead One (Oh, how I hate Him!), is good – as long as they do not experience His venom for sure. They may know how to make venom, but never let them become practical and personal about the whole of it.

  • Do all you can to be like Christ, being evil. Resemble Him everywhere; and make people resemble us as well if they are right, and resemble Christ if their heart has some hidden sin. You have to pay attention to the circumstances and not only to your own greed.

  • Make them preach about and around gifts, as long as they do not pratice them; or all about the coming of the One we hate (for none knows what will happen, not even me who is wiser than them all put together), and allow them to have doctrines of His coming to make them discuss it against one another – it is better to discuss it than to fear it. As long as they think and believe they know better than others it will keep them from seeing their own sins and prepare for death and it will keep them teaching people about it. If they are virgins, let them sleep – but first hinder them to take enough oil with them. Make them believe they are always safe and saved and they will never make provision. They will believe they know all and will teach many others to be so as well. We need only a little fire to burn a field – go kindle it my faithful ones.

  • The longer we keep Christians unholy, the longer their Master might wait to end the world for His heart is weak and unstable - He says things which never happen.  So, the harder you work  among christians the better, for it will hinder the world to end. Allow a few holy ones to be on the verge of falling, it works in our favour if that day comes at all.

  • There is nothing wrong with preaching the right things as long as their hearts are far away from God. In fact, the more right they preach the better, for people will resent their doctrines (because of the mood they preach it with), by which they may escape from our grip if they get to become practical concerning them. Care to bring sin in their lives and do not try to get them away from preaching aright. In the other domain where your brethren hinder people who know nothing about God, there we may do away with right preaching – here it does not pay to do away with it and plant sin in them inwardly alone.

  • This is what I have to say about the work you must do in places where their eyes are opening, my dear demons. Confuse and imitate. And all those of you who work on the outside, in the outskirts of floods of venom, make people aware of their mistakes so they will resent going there to listen to words which are alive. Hinder people to go there and be exposed to these lethal weapons; rather confuse their minds and make them hate words like revival, confession of sin, holiness. If they sin and preach holiness, then it is good also. I am sure you understand what I mean. Go out and while you practice you will think of something. Remember that the goal is to confuse. Call upon some of your demon brothers from the laziness of the catacombs and take them into the churches, for there is no more time to loose and it pays more to confuse Christians then to possess witches.

  • Remember to be obedient and faithful even if you teach and promote the opposite of it. You have a noble work to do, it is to teach and promote the opposite of whatever you must do and be to me. It is not easy to teach disobedience and be obedient to me at the same time. But, if you listen to your senses and cravings, it will surely help to keep you in track, for you will desire to be like I am. Make sure you listen to your hearts and we will all feel alike and be alike and we will not be divided. Don’t be half-hearted as Christians are everywhere. You should teach them to be so, but never be so yourselves, my dear demons and faithful servants. After all, our work is easier then theirs, for we don’t have to wait as they do, we don’t have to avoid reading and preaching the Bible as they avoid witchcraft and such like honorable practices. Farewell my hateful servants. Hope you can be bad and united at the same time.

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