“Behold, I set before you today a blessing and a curse...” Deut.11:26 

You may have a bouncing heart and a pounding one. If you look unto the Lord and perceive, if you love Him as He is when being real and visible, if and when obedience is simple and made plain, if the reason for obedience seems clear, if truth is real and Living and your heart is not disappointed in it as it is seen, and  instead rejoices over it being so, if your being moves according to as God moves in a natural way, your heart is pounding heavenward. If you still look for a reason to obey after things are clear, if you still hide in the religious rocks because of any sin, since it enables you go your way and helps towards your own thing and excuses or even upholds that sin before you for a while more, if you complain about sin because it makes you aware of it and makes you still hold on to it, if truth is never or seldom dear to you, your heart is bouncing against the Lord. In fact, I doubt it that you will be shown more than enough to have you doubt, for you are put before a choice with few reasons never to take the right one coming from your own heart, and truthfulness as the only reason never to take many wrong ones at once, alone.

If your look is simple and fearless it will see what it must, if your reasoning is plain, short and clear it will be shown more; if your obedience  is always unconditional it is accurate and your steps will be guided and be shown more even while stepping into emptiness; if your little strength is used while lacking, there will be no lack of it the next moment or step ahead. Nevertheless, if you fail when you have no light, darkness will grow; if you fear looking into danger still (having you believing its lies) having God so close by, sin will still haunt you down and bring you to nowhere’s land and deep into despair; if truthful and invisible issues are still a revolting and religious mystery alone, if light causes you to fear instead of rejoicing, beware because you are on the verge of a choice between having a bouncing heart or a pounding one towards whatever is eternally at stake. The blessing and the curse is the kind of heart you will have breeding in your chest by what you choose to believe rather (in a natural way). The easy way out is to believe lies and stay on as you are (if you are not as God yet).

The human problem has always been an inner one. It is never death or life, rejection or acceptance, persecution or praise, violence or apparent peace, family or enmity, glory or vanity which deprives man from its own inner happiness and peace – at all. Within Christ you need none of those to be able to choose your way, for He is the Way and you have taken Him already, He is the Life, He is the acceptance you may ever need (even when you don’t see it for now and will surely see it), He is the family which brought you into this world and may take into another, and there is no Glory like His and if you share in it with Him, there you will be happier there then the richest man on earth having nothing to show forth, you will be richer than the most famous earthly star having all people rejecting you amidst them applauding that star to tempt you, and their lovelessness will be a certain fountain of assurance instead of a disturbing stumbling block to you, if you believe the Lord and that what He said is true – and that only because it is true indeed.

There is no crown in human acceptance even if such a human is a loved one, but there is a crown in human rejection while being close to God, because of it being so; and the closer to your heart the one who rejects you is, the brighter the crown in the Lord it will come out to be (even for the one who rejects you, since your rejection may be turned into that person’s only chance to be aware of truth and be truly saved by being put before the choice as well and that through your honesty).

If those being in this world do not reject you, feigning as they go so they might win you over again, blackmailing you with sentimentality and apparent caring and in open need of selfish desire for acceptance themselves, being evil in reality but not in appearance, make sure you reject them yourself or they will soon be thorns in your side and cares to occupy you aimlessly and in vain with trivial, earthly things and matters. The choice is between a bouncing heart and a pounding one here, in its place and timing, both to you and to such as may come to hear you, from you and of you.

If truth makes your heart pound and finds its place in you, lies will bounce there; if peace is a real matter to you, nothing can make you afraid at all; If the joy in the Lord is what makes you rejoice, no sadness will be able to do anything else but bounce at the sight of its truthfulness and genuiness, becoming ashamed when put before reality, for it is true that God has you indeed; it is true that there is no greater issue or power than the one which is able to keep you pounding (even unawares); it is true that God is great and there is no greater – now true to you as well by having you turned into a most blessed being on earth. And may you be aware of truth because of it being truth and not because of being knowledge.

Hope and despair may still go on hand in hand, for one who hopes in God despairs concerning the world; one being in the Lord will surely come to doubt when touching evil (but not one being used to sin); fear and reluctance may be willing to oppose a weakness whose main strength is the Lord Himself (for it is made weak for real). Nevertheless, being in the Lord is being contradicted all the time, by the world, by lies within and without, by unreal visible things, by common sense which knows nothing at all, yet with victory within us guaranteed all the time. Real issues are seldom visible, truth needs to say very little, needs fewer arguments or to be in need to show a lot about itself when it is within and that for real: "This is the testimony we have within us...", and, "...The Kingdom of God is within thee"; being Life Itself it needs no reason to make it still alive and pounding towards heaven since it is Life and lives and maintains itself by itself. I need not convince myself the day is bright when it is so. Does a sound train need to know its direction since it follows the rails? God needs very little to save mankind: He needs but to change the heart and turn it upside down - he needs but give a new heart to humans and let them follow Him, pounding in His footsteps almost unawares. Truth will do the rest being in fire and alive as it should, burning sin to steam holiness up. But, if sin is not burned, there will be no fuel to cause waters to steam us into power to move – no matter what one may have to say about it all.

Fear nothing if and when you are in the Lord, fear the Lord if you are in the world or in sin and with no apparent reason to fear. There is no way a bouncing heart will be a pounding one towards the same of it. And there is no way a heart will either stop bouncing or pounding, for if pounding in the world, truth alone will bounce back there; and having visible lies bounce there, it will have it start pounding and beating towards whatever it must become real as it should. The human heart is able to grind whatever you put in there. Beware and try following a real Lord when you see Him in an invisible mode, and to reject a Lordless way which you see easily by living a way which finds its way by having you too easily and too quickly lie to yourself. One who is Lord needs not say what He is, but one who is not Lord needs to use all means and noise to convince of what he is not. That’s the choice between either having truth or lies bounce back, between either pounding towards heaven or hell, even an one inside your own soul now, for it is from there where you will be able to taste whatever is still to come in multiplied measures – whether you still live in church or not at the day of His coming. "Behold, before you is a kind of heart which is either a curse or a blessing....". Amen.

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José Mateus