“The light of the body is the eye. Therefore if your eye is sound, your whole body shall be full of light”, Mat 6:22

Quite often I find Christians fighting hard against their own sin; some are pleased for having fought it without success (so they can go back to it with an appeased conscience which argues they have done their best and fulfilled their inner duty of struggling); some, however, get disappointed because others still see and mark them as sinners of some kind; others, again, feel unbelieving even before they start the fight. To these last ones I would like to address myself. To the others I will say there is no overcoming of sin from the wrong motives – there will never be.

There is no sin too great and powerful to be thrown down by God. There is no man who might be so given over to anger that he cannot be turned meeker than Moses; there is no depravity which cannot come, in due time, to look upon its former objects of enticement and greed and smile upon it with a resting, peaceful sense of gladness and thankfulness towards God for a unique freedom from it found.

On the other hand, there is no sin too small to be made free from either. God will hold a well-meaning gossiper as guilty as He would a chronic and contentious one. Having all of this in mind, one may come to God, especially if it is for the purposes of one’s own sins’ freedom and eternal release. Nevertheless, in this mood and shape of mind, let’s hold before our minds that sin has an origin and a most obscure body of sin which is responsible for the laying of eggs which end up in whatever we do.

I find often that people who enter this warfare are usually so contentious and so absorbed against the outward expressions of sin that they leave the mother of all its eggs intact inside. If you want to remove a swarm of bees, just get hold of the queen bee and expose her. With sin, that’s how it is to work as well. If you go kill all the bees one by one, if these do not get to sting you to cause you give up on them soon, by the time you kill a hundred flying ones, there will be two hundred news ones ready to fly because the queen is still well and living to lay many more eggs, even though you don’t see her (you judge by the amount of new sins that come out to light). It will not be so if you get hold of the hidden queen bee though, ignoring the flying ones while you get hold of the origin of the still unborn sins. Existing sins have the power, also, to draw you attention away from the essence of evil: the heart of mankind. Outward sin will die eventually and in due time if there is no queen bee to breed it. The existing swarm will loose their mind and will scatter without a mother to center them – they will loose all references, sting and die away soon.

Every sin has a particular queen bee: once exposed, it dies from origin. Impatience might have origin in anger; anger might come from unbelief; unbelief comes from not knowing God as He is. Confessing impatience, following the track to its forefathers, will bring us to the origin of all sin: segregation from God, a lack of a relationship to Him. We find people fighting anger, fighting it so as to hide it even, crying and feeling ashamed and they will yet say they have faith in God – it never emerges in them that there is a deeply settled root of un-relationship with the living God, which brings sin to live all along. But, because they regard themselves as believers, they cannot account for their sin, thinking belief is not an experiencing of realities as God put it in the Bible, but rather an assuming that it is true when it is not, so we can carry on with our own lies and lives in a way we know best of. Faith is an experiencing-knowing of realities the Bible talks about concerning the Living God in us. To go and profess Christ is your Lord in front of a congregation does not make a believer out of you, just as a weather report does not wet the ground you stand upon. But, if Christ is your Lord, it will show and once you profess people will take full notice of how true it is what you are saying.

In the same sense that there is a Living body of holiness which breeds all fruit of and towards righteousness. Jesus says that if your eye is good your whole body will become full of light. If a confession of any sin is singled out because of sorrow against sin which arises from a motive other than the exposition of it to the true love of God (which is light) so as to grant a sense of inner confidence,  it might never lead you to a living relationship with a real Christ. I mean that, if you single out certain sins in such a way that you miss the whole point of confession all together (which is to take you to the origin of sin as quickly as possible, and nothing else), you will find yourself in a huge inner mess soon. If you kill bees one by one but leave the queen out of sight and alive, there is no point in killing the individual bees at all.  This is what Paul wants to express when talking about “this body of sin (in some places “body of death” saying “O wretched man that I am!  Who shall deliver me from the body of this death?” Rom 7:24. The law makes us unable to get to the root of all sin.  Many give into sin because the lawful experience of fighting sin is taken as useless.  Therefore, we find many Christians given to sin because they believe the law is wrong in the way it deals with sin.  I agree with much of what is said about the lawful way of dealing towards oneself; yet, grace goes deeper than the law and never shallower.  Shall we then uphold worldliness since the law states you should not be watching worldly movies?  Of course not, for grace cures the eye of those actions the law condemns.  Because we’re not transgressors we don’t need the law to come and tell us what we must not do again.  The law says “You may never commit adultery,” but grace says, “You may not have an eye which looks to a woman”. So, if a man has not an eye which looks unto woman, how shall he ever commit adultery, why should he have a law not to commit adultery? Why does he need to have a law agains adultery bothering him at all? If your eye becomes holy, why should you pull it off if it is worldliness which is still around? If your eye is made pure, why should you not look to a naked woman to see that she needs clothes from you because she is poor? Your eye is not towards the worldliness that surrounds its previous slave-master anymore. Your eye is sound – so will your body be then. You may now fear God and not sin. Do not fear your previous master any longer.

There is a natural instinct in any man to protect queen bee rather than to kill it. To single out some bees and have them sacrificed as a way to spare the queen-bee appeases conscience in a certain degree. So, keeping yourself busy with a few of the many sins you still tread and fear (whatever the cause of it is), will maintain your former instincts without blemish and they will drive you to do unconsciously as you learned to do since the beginning of your natural life. Remember that God, when He comes, He is after the heart you have; He will do all to get into it. If you hinder that because you are stubbornly obsessed towards some selective sins (some of which may never be of a real kind even), you hinder God and resist His Spirit in many ways without knowing it. The way to be set free is not to be busy with the earthlings of queen bee, but rather to let God take the tour into your inner being, following a track of detailed confessions sometimes (because you need them and not God) as a way to get through. Now, to get busy with Christ while you move into yourself, to be aware of His reality while He enters and takes a sure course to the heart of all sin and goodness in you, that’s the main secret towards the kind of holiness without which none shall ever see God – these are the works, the greater works Christ came to do within us and which will remain with us forever. Let’s work for treasures which will remain then (rather), for this is from God.

To have a steady look into Christ IF AND WHEN HE IS REAL within, will allow Him to expose the way and it makes Him to be the way. The few things which may still hinder Him to do as He came to do once and for all, like shame of being as you are, inner condemnations that you would rather skip and leave unrecognized, (for all condemnations have a selfish prompting behind it always, not always menaing it is wrong to accuse), a love towards your own life and your queen bee – all of these may hinder God’s works in your being indirectly. Can you abandon yourself in Christ’s hands and care not if the exposure of your own life inside is your full aim as is His? Can He take the necessary time and freedom to be writing the whole of the book of His laws within you freely? “But the end of the commandment is love out of a pure heart, and a good conscience, and faith unfeigned,  (6)  from which some, having swerved, have turned aside to foolish talking,  (7)  desiring to be teachers of the law, neither understanding what they say nor that which they affirm”, 1Tim 1:5-7.

Remember that many a person deceives himself because he is able to teach many others. I mean, because such teaches, he believes he is great and in no need to teach himself as he ought. May you set the example of looking in and following a track which makes Christ the way and not teaching and words from Scripture which you choose so as to establish yourself rather than to make Christ known for what He is (as He really is: real). Let your eye be good then. Surely, your whole being will be full of light and you, being wise, will understand and take full notice of your Lord as He is, along with His many ways to deal with all people around you and me. May God bless you with a sound eye then, “For you have need of patience, so that after you have done the will of God (even your sanctification, 1 Tes.4:3) you might receive the promise” Heb 10:36. Amen.

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José Mateus