“But the voice answered me again from heaven, ‘What God hath cleansed, thou call not vile’”, Act 11:9 

If Jesus washes us, we will be whiter than snow, the word of our truthful God tells us.

The washing of sins is a mysterious issue which does not take hold of the thinking mind of most beings who become affected by it.

Sin has a hold on people through lying. It has only that weapon left to cause to stumble once people are made clean. If it were not so, people would not be enticed to hand themselves over unto its grip of slavery again and again. From then on, after people get used to its lying and its lying effects, they scarcely recognize some other voice. Truth has then a kind of voice which does not find a sound speaker to speak through inside a liar. But, once people become truthful, they can also easily hold on to a certain previous way of looking at things and carry on believing they are not the recipients of truthful issues, by which they are “turned amazed”. To be amazed at truthful things is the common language lying used to have: it makes truth sound and resound as if it is an impossible issue to be attained to by normal, mortal beings.

In fact, truth has an easier grasp, has a better hold in the soul of men than any lie will ever have. Lies taunt people into believing them and truth has a quiet performance since it is secure and true and needs not make a fuss – it does not need to show off to be seen. In every storm of lies, a quiet corner is what catches the eye better, in a pitch dark place it is a small ray of light which calls attention easily. But people can get so much involved with storms that they easily miss out on the quiet spot nearby, a place which God has set so people may flee there by forgetting the storms they are fleeing. But, if you are truthful about things, about new things even, then you will not fear to look out from your quiet spot KNOWING you are safe in there, and even more every time one is looking outside.

But, if your eye makes you to stumble due to fear, do not look out then, but neither tell yourself you are not safe where you are now, then – it is sin to do so. This quiet spot should indulge and require a greater smile from you when you look out to the stormy outside than when you do not look. “Be still and know that I am God”. You must KNOW he is God – make sure you know then and do not call unsafe whatever has been made safe for you.

When Jesus steps out into a soul, that soul will be made whiter than snow. But, the former ways of thinking, the former believing mechanism which have settled themselves for so long in the heart of any man or woman, make them look at things from former ways and perspectives of looking into anything whatsoever. It is like having an old car which has been made new from bottom to top and has the same steering wheel which brings memories back unto us all as we drive it being new for a change, and it hinders us to accept it has been made new and safe. People may never again live by the fear of it breaking down in the middle of the way towards heaven at all.

People lived in a former life according to moods and ways which warred inside their souls and mind mostly. Most of them were fiction though, but even so it made a huge fuss inside them. Sin is a lying illusion which is fully unable to keep its promises – any of them. People have a functioning mechanism inside them which works by itself and was left by sin there. Once they come to Christ, the main problem is to have such mechanisms stop leading and telling things into the ear of the mind and soul, for those will be lies – much more now that Christ has stepped in – so man may walk as it is true for a change, since man believed as far as his own heart told him before. A liar does not need to lie to lead you astray – he just needs to be as he is near you, unhindered. The noises of the soul are lying mostly, and they would never cause to stumble if we could look at them as mere noises which need bluffing on us to create an impression in the selecting eye of the soul and mind so as to cause us to walk as it is not true in us. It calls on us to walk that way and they have no other power over us than our beliefs, which still tell we are still bound.

Jesus comes in and steps into the storms of the soul and stills it down for real and people find themselves at loss as well, since they know not how to live with quietness inside themselves at all. This new experience scares people out and they start believing they are dead since there is no noise inside the heart to cause them to re-chew sin and which used to live and be steamed up by sin and its ways of impatience and accusing remorse. Sin is like a cow which needs ruminate on food again, for unless it re-chews it, it won’t be able to feed the soul with it. Remorse re-chews sin. Sin has got to be illusion to take hold on people and it can never afford to be still and noiseless or it will not take hold, since it is never truthful and real and it is only as far as what people turn it to be and no more. It needs a noise to do that. This is why the Bible talks so much about “the vanity of sin”, “the vanity of the heart of man”, “vain thoughts”. One way towards sin, is to believe one is still bound to it once made free for sure.

The main healing is never to skip to look towards sin, but rather to stop doing as we did every time we looked upon it. A sex slave is totally free when such is able to look to its former slavery and objects of enticement and walk another way with a sudden smile of freedom in his face. To look at sin as a giant who eats defenceless babies is the last resource of the weaponry sin uses against all of us as a lie. Sin has a kind of dynamite which does not blow off but keeps telling people it will. To avoid looking at sin is part of the lie, since it makes people go on believing sin has that power over them still when Jesus has made them free of it all – when He has. This makes confession of sin a great weapon towards the overcoming of it all. Light kills darkness, holiness kills sin, truth kills lies, confession kills sin. So, let's face truth concerning all that which used to bind us when Jesus has come to set us free for real. The giving of the heart towards Light and holiness makes sin seem useless and lying enough to skip it through power. “O death, where is thy sting? O grave, where is thy victory? The sting of death is sin; and the strength of sin is the law”, 1Cor.15:55-56. Can you mark why the Gospel of Jesus is called “Good News” after all? If I confess sin to my fellow man, such might harm me back, but the Lord does not only forgive, but he takes away the source of future sins as well.

So said, one may easily perceive why one is not allowed to believe that whatever God has cleansed and made pure is dirty because we still believe otherwise. Let’s hear what this voice tells us “But the voice answered me again from heaven, ‘What God hath cleansed, thou shalt not call vile’”, Act 11:9.

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José Mateus