“And I am sure that when I come to you, I shall come in the fullness of the blessing of the gospel of Christ”, Rom.15:29 

We all know just how important it is to be found in the proper state of mind among each and every kind of person, work, sermon, prayer or even counselling we might find ourselves in at any given time. We heard Jesus saying, “Blessed is the servant, when his master comes, finds him so doing”. The secret is not to know when the master is coming, but that he is coming and will come looking for the proper fruit in the heart – it will have to find there the kind which will receive the master as He is, as He comes any moment He comes, and to what He has in His own mind about which we do not know a thing about. There will be people who wish to be saved or be saving, and yet will not receive the Lord for one or the other reason when He comes for that. “And they did not receive Him, because His face was as one going toward Jerusalem”, Lk.9:53. Our state of mind should be shaped towards the Lord within every kind of situation and encounter we just know is the will of God for us soon enough and ahead of us, and it should be shaped to accept the Lord as He is.

This kind of work within, we are always able to find from the Lord bred and fully settled by and through Him for a future or actual use from Him – if and when we are spirit-filled and that spirit is from God and not from hell. For this to happen easily, we may never be strong-minded about sentimentality, dreams we may have had or may still have, ways of doing things since the Lord Himself will put and work into us the right kind of mark ahead towards which we must get going to, through the proper state of mind, the right kind of words at proper times only if we are found in the proper state of obedient mind and heart, at ease in it and made ready. The secret is not to be occupied and beset by something else, in order to be available and found in the right frame of mind which will always enhance and attain to the right words from the Lord with the right spirit from which to express them at certain given times as well. Jesus was angry entering the temple because He was in the right relationship with the Father and His zeal broke forth; He also cried when He had to cry because His heart was found tender and perceptive enough to do so at the right time. We should become so available and unpossessed that we will always do the right thing at the right time when the Lord comes and arrives along the right occasion and thing or attitude to do something and carry it out Himself by getting hold of us, instigating and inspiring our own being towards it.

We should not care if we are wise today, but if we are available to be used by and to use His wisdom once he comes to us even if personal wisdom is of great demand and advised by God Himself; we must rather and above all be available and trusting that He, who is wisdom, will fully possess any of us when the time to do so arrives, because we know that time will come. “He is made unto us wisdom, righteousness, sanctification, redemption…”, 1Cor.1:30. Therefore, the most important thing is to be made ready and available and free to be used by not being strong-minded unless it is God who personally has granted us to be so at certain times. If we prepare ourselves through wisdom, reading and a good vocabulary, we must know that, after that we should always create a state of heart and mind which will never trust upon what it knows and has, but rather expose what it is, to become available for the Lord to use what is there once and when He comes to claim His gifts for exclusive use. Availability is what the Lord meant by “be ready”.

We just know it will happen and we work accordingly. Because we know the Lord will not fail any of us – no matter how late He comes – we need only to work upon not being hindered or held by anything else, no matter how holy that which comes to point out things seems unto us; lets be available unto Him alone at all times – even when He is not there, and especially if He is not there because He will come, surely. If and when we learn and believe just how the Lord is – and that through the Spirit as well – we will always bow down and “take fast hold of instruction”,  and not become busy to find oil or the right words if we will be persecuted in some way, but rather to be fully available and untouched by the cares of what we shall say or do or be done unto. We should learn to “keep our hearts with all diligence” for Him rather, when He comes to defend Himself within us for us and for our sakes the way He wishes to do it Himself.

We just know when death comes, we will face it as He would because He will take hold of us and all our senses if we be found ready, available and in the state of mind to be able to obey Him in the most simple, available way; we just know we will have the right kind of sermon to preach unto people, or, if we have the sermon, we will have the outlay of it ant it will be worked out in proper terms and according to His wisdom and own mind at the right time, in the proper frame of mind, expression and heart. We just know, as well, the only words that really matter unto us at such times is to “be ready (available) when your master comes” and to know how to be in readiness at all times.  Those servants who were not made “ready” (available) cannot be used by the Lord at all. To be concerned about what we shall say or what we must do or know - even when we know - is never to be found in the right frame of mind of availability. To be available and prepared for the Lord when He comes, is what is at stake here, mostly.

If we know about many things and are made wise, we should and can be glad He will use that wisdom once He comes, but we should not care how we or He will be able to use it; if we have power, we must have and breed the same attitude towards it as well – to have it available; whatever gift we may have, it should always be found available and in a state of instant readiness, ready and available for when the Lord comes unto us to claim to use what he has left unto us to multiply itself and, mostly, to be ready for Him always when He comes – whether it is in the first hour, in midday or in the last hour. God is there – we should be there too along with all we are and have. Amen.

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José Mateus