This website is still under construction. We apologize in case you do not find it as you would wish yet. We hope to have more and to have it better. In case you have some material about genuine revivals which we do not have here, perhaps you could be so kind as to inform us about it.

The goal of this website is the blessing it can grant you. We are very careful, nowadays, to use the word "revival". There is a lot going on under that heading. Many happenings described as revival are not producing the fruit of the Spirit.

We may never mistake fruit for gifts when talking about revival. We must know the tree by the fruit it grants and not by the gifts it is producing. There are many so-called gifts which impress people and, however, are ungodly. They do not origin in the HOLY Spirit, since they do not produce lasting holiness. People involved in real revivals become Christ-like.

We are abstaining from accounts of any revival that is either doubtful or which is still put forth as a revival after it has taken a wrong path; or is being directed by wrong motivations; or is doing a wrong or doubtful thing. We shall not even discuss them, at least, not here. We can accept an account of revival which has started well and is known to have ended wrong. It can serve its purpose by showing what should never be done during revival. There are some revivals which ended shortly after they have started, like the Welsh Revival or even a revival I know of in Columbia. But, they are known for having died or taken the wrong course. Had they been upheld as ongoing revivals or somethng alike after having taken the wrong course, we would consciousciously exclude them from this website. For example, there are many dubious and doubtful happenings in the so-called revival of Azusa Street which we refrain to regard as a revival of the genuine Gospel preached by the Apostles. We don't know enough about it, but, what we know causes us to doubt it as a genuine revival.

There is a lot of material we still need to analise carefully before publishing it here. We hope to be doing what is right and proper and that our motives in doing so shall be fully understood. There is a lot of wrong going on today in Christian Churches. We don't wish to build those walls of iniquity further, but rather be found breaking it down as faithful servants of God.




@COPYRIGHT: Most writings here are not bound to copyrights. Some are found here with the express necessary permissions. There are many writings of my own as well, which I have published. Most of them are my own findings about what real revival is what it isn't.

Even though all my writings are offered for free, they have copy rights. Should you wish to use them in some way (with the exception of commercial use), please contact us and ask for permission. We plead that you keep them unaltered and refer to www.webrevival.net as the source. Let me thank you in advance for being here and may you find a blessing in every page. May God bless you richly.
José Mateus.